10 Phrases Used by Kenyans During Sex

Sex is a sensitive issue in the African society but with Kenya being among the ‘modern’ and developing Countries in the Continent it is safe to say that we are finally talking about it. Kenyans are tired of hiding anything these days and sex is one among many topics that are being talked about freely. The process of having sex is normally an ugly topic but the reactions or responses from it make it more interesting. Everyone avoids talking while having sex but then we know deep down some of us want to say something. Well there are others who are not good at keeping quiet and here are 10 phrases they tend to express themselves with:

1. Mama Yoh

It is the most common especially among Kenyan women. When the sweetness of the act goes a notch higher they tend to summon their moms. It is normally found in the ghetto but rich kids still go default when they lose it during sex. Mama Yoh is a phrase that lets the man know that he is doing well but in most cases slay queens will only use it to cheer you up even if your game is wack.

2. Hapo Sasa

It can be loosely be translated as ‘Right there’. This comes as a result of watching too much porn. This phrase is used mostly by campus girls who are still exploring and are wild in bed. It can also be heard from young men who want to show their prowess. Hapo Sasa is a phrase that is used by people who work out or have the energy to break a bed while at it.

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3. Unaskia Utamu

Sex is sweet right? But why do females feel the need to ask you if you are enjoying it. This phrase ruins the mood sometimes but it is still in use. I would say it is part of a consolation strategy to keep cheering on a losing team. In most cases when this phrase is used, the man involved is just blowing steam but not getting to the needed spots.

4. Yes, Yes.

This phrase is for armatures who are in the maiden stages of discovering the world of sex. It is the default phrase in many conjugal meetings. This comes in when you lack any other proper exposure to more jaw dropping compliments. You just lie there and appreciate the ‘service’ in a positive manner.

5. Oh Gosh!

Ladies above 25 love this phrase. It is a mature one and is mostly used in cases where both parties know what is going on. This phrase is also used by most slay queens who have watched steamy movies at some point in their lives.

6. Tena, Tena.

Stands for ‘again, and again’. This is a favorite among teenagers who have only begun ‘doing it’. It is childish even from the sound of it but it makes the list. It is also used when the girl is not quiet satisfied. If you hear this phrase as a man, you probably are losing major points.

7. Skuma Tena

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This one is used when the man involved has a small pecker. It is no shame to have the little things in life so when you hear this phrase from a lady just know that maybe its time to change your game plan.

8. Nakupenda Sana

This is normally used when everything gets thrown out of proportion and the people involved in the act develop feelings for each other. It might be a one night stand but then when things get saucy in bed words come flying straight out of your mouth. Men tend to use this phrase so that the lady feels safe to let things go as planned.

9. Oh Lowd

It is another form of Oh Gosh but with a twist of class to it. It is used by rich kids who have some change in the Bank. They probably have some shares in the recently stolen 50M from Thika. They have a car and so they tend to make everything sophisticated. This is their favorite phrase during sex.

10. Call me Daddy

This is for the men who have been reading this. I feel like it awkward sometimes when you want some other guys daughter to call you daddy! This phrase is used by egocentric men who think everything revolves around them. They will keep requesting to be called daddy while at the same time trying to become one through sex. Well here is some advice for you, if you don’t want to have sex with your daughter don’t let that girl call you daddy.

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