#12 Wealthiest WomenIn The World

Below is the list of the 12 wealthiest women
in the world as at March 2017 according to
1. Liliane Bettencourt (#14 on Forbes)
The world’s richest woman, Bettencourt owns
33% of makeup giant L’Oréal with her
children. Her father, Eugene Schueller,
founded the cosmetics empire in 1907.
Her father, Eugene Schueller, founded the
cosmetics empire in 1907. The elderly
widow, who suffers from dementia, was
replaced on L’Oréal’s board by a grandson in
2. Alice Walton (#17 on Forbes)
Alice Walton is the only daughter of Wal-
Mart founder Sam Walton. She has focused
on curating art, rather than working for Wal-
Mart like her siblings, Rob and Jim.
In 2011 she opened the Crystal Bridges
museum in the family’s hometown of
Bentonville, Arkansas. Crystal Bridges
features works from the likes of Andy
Warhol, Norman Rockwell and Mark Rothko.
Her personal art collection is valued in the
hundreds of millions of dollars.
3. Jacqueline Mars (#26 on Forbes)
Jacqueline Mars owns a third of the world’s
largest candymaker, Mars Inc., the company
her grandfather started in his kitchen in
Mars owns five billion-dollar pet brands,
including Iams and Whiskas, and in January
2017 agreed to pay $7.7 billion for VCA Inc.,
an operator of nearly 800 animal hospitals
and 137 pet day care centers.
Jacqueline joined the family business in
1982, where she oversaw the development
and marketing of new food products. She
retired in 2001 but remained on the board
until 2016.
4. Maria Franca Fissolo (#29 on Forbes)
Maria Franca Fissolo is the widow of Michele
Ferrero, who built Ferrero Group into one of
the world’s leading sweets companies, best
known for its iconic Nutella chocolate
hazelnut spread, Kinder chocolates and Tic-
Tac mints.
Ferrero died in February 2015, but the
family business lives on. Her son Giovanni,
who took over as co-CEO in 1987, continues
to lead the company and has reiterated plans
to keep it in family hands.
5. Susanne Klatten (#38 on Forbes)
Susanne Klatten ranks as Germany’s richest
woman thanks primarily to the interests she
inherited in automaker BMW from her
deceased parents, Herbert and Johanna
Quandt. Susanne and her brother, Stefan
Quandt, together own almost 50% of BMW.
6. Laurene Powell Jobs (#40 on Forbes)
Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve
Jobs, is founder and chair of the Emerson
Collective, an organization that uses
entrepreneurship to advance social reform
and to assist under-resourced students.
She also cofounded College Track, a
nonprofit program that helps disadvantaged
students prepare for and graduate from
7. Gina Rinehart (#69 on Forbes)
Gina Rinehart is Australia’s richest citizen but
her wealth is built on iron ore and her
fortune can either jump or plummet
depending on the price of the commodity.
The daughter of a high-profile iron-ore
explorer, Lang Hancock, Rinehart took her
late father’s bankrupted estate and rebuilt it
into something much larger.
8. Abigail Johnson (#75 on Forbes)
Her grandfather Edward Johnson II founded
mutual fund giant Fidelity Investments in
1946. She worked summers at Fidelity
through college and joined full-time as an
analyst in 1988 after receiving a Harvard
She took over as CEO in 2014 and chairman
in 2016 and owns an estimated 24% stake of
the firm, which has $2.1 trillion in managed
9. Iris Fontbona (#84 on Forbes)
Iris Fontbona is the widow of Andrónico
Luksic, who built a fortune in mining and
beverages before dying of cancer in 2005.
He left his businesses to Fontbona and their
three sons: Jean-Paul, Andronico and
Guillermo (who died of lung cancer in 2013
of at age 57).
Fontbona and her children control
Antofagasta Plc, which trades on the London
Stock Exchange and owns copper mines in
Fontbona and her children also own a
majority stake in Quiñenco, a publicly-traded
Chilean conglomerate active in banking,
beer, manufacturing, energy, transportation
and port services.
Their other assets include two chains of
hotels in Croatia, Adriatic Luxury Resorts and
Laguna Porec.
10. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken (#95
on Forbes)
De Carvalho-Heineken is one of the world’s
richest women thanks to her 23% controlling
stake in Heineken.
Now an executive director, she inherited the
stake in 2002 from her late father, longtime
CEO Freddy Heineken.
11. Blair Parry-Okeden (#105 on Forbes)
Blair Parry-Okeden is the granddaughter of
James M. Cox, who founded what has
become Cox Enterprises, an automotive and
media conglomerate.
James, failed Democratic presidential
candidate in 1920 and started the company.
Parry-Okeden’s stepfather ran it for a time,
and now her brother, Jim, a billionaire in his
own right, manages the massive firm.
12. Massimiliana Landini Aleotti (#133 on
Massimiliana Landini Aleotti and her three
children inherited medical giant Menarini
from her late husband, Alberto Aleotti, who
passed away in May 2014 at age 91.
Alberto built Menarini into one of Italy’s
leading drug companies, with 14
manufacturing sites around the world and
more than 16,000 employees.

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