14 Best Selling Smartphones In Kenya

Technology is advancing daily and so is lifestyle change in people.With a blink of an eye,a new gadget is introduced to the market.

Kenya ranks third in internet penetration from Africa.This is after South Africa and Nigeria.Many people are using internet.Selling mobile phones in Kenya is one of the lucrarive business idea.

However,you should know the market trends.Which are the best selling mobile phones in Kenya? Talking of technology,4G smartphone are on the upper demand.This is evident from the 4G sim cards in the market.Telecommunication firms like Safaricom and Orange have already rolled out 4G enabled sim cards.

Advantage of 4G internet connection is speed.Speed is essential for anybody using the net.As a smart business person,4G smartphones should be your first priority devices.

Apart from internet,Camera comes second.Any high selling smartphone,has high end camera.Both front camera ( Selfie ) and back camera.And addition flash on the camera,makes a smartphone demand shoot up.

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Having 4G means more activities,hence the RAM/ROM and storage space should be high.

Here are the best selling smartphones in Kenya.


Infinix has really made a name in Kenya.You wount miss an infinix smartphone in a group of 5 people.

Infinix are well known for their awesome camera features.High end infinix have a good space for downloads and applications.

Infinix huge clients are ladies.Infinix is associated mostly with women.


Just few days everybody hated Tecno phones.They were mostly ‘China’ made.Apart from the powerful speakers they had and ability to have 3 sim cards in one phone,Tecno was hated by many.

Truly nothing lasts.Tecno have in the recent past made a name in thr market.Its internet speed is good and atleast every guy grabs latest Tecno smartphone.

I thinks its weight makes it easy for men to handle it than women.


When you buy a Samsung phone,you are well sorted.Talk of durability.Samsung phones are expensive but their lifespan is excellent!!

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Upgrading their software is what makes them be left behind.


LG is undisputed brand in Kenya.Its a good smartphone that its internet connection is awesome and its battery lasts longer.


Sometimes I feel this iPhone gsdgets are overatted.They are the latest stylish thing in the market a position held by Samsung.

It has excess memory storage and many features.Only the elite in the society use them.Apart from socialites and video vixen,iPhone is used by other to show their “class.”

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