25 Reasons Raila Odinga Deserves to be The President of Kenya


Call him the opposition leader and you are his friend .I believe Raila will be the the next president come August 9.I may wonder why the current crooked government could dare invite a statesman to attent Madaraka Day Celebration “their kikuyu” day just to snub him.

Armed with his last bullet to shoot,
the former premier cant afford to miss his last take.Rt. Raila Odinga
is looking to be the 5th President of Kenya.

Raila Is Patriotic

He has been detained for several years just for Kenya to get liberated.He is determined to liberate Kenyans in the third and final stage.You say him in Nyeri to celebrate Madaraka.Raila sleeps in Kenya soil and all he thinks is to lead Kenyas.


Uthamaki Is In Panic

Recently an “elephant” was slaughtered with a scarpet.The said animal who happens to come from centre point of Uthamaki,is kicking his last kicks;foreshadowing Raila Odinga Predidency.

Mt.Kenya region is in mixed reaction why “Tinga” was not given a chance to speak.This could have played a great role and give them a good reason not to vote Raila as the next president.

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However,that never happened and they are yet to decide why not to vote for Baba.


Uhuru Kenyatta should not think #10MillionStrong is a mere narrative.

We have about 19 million registered voters.So while Jubilee is yapping about #45MillionStrong,then let them know they have lost it already.


Let former devolution CS Anne Waiguru be on toes with her expensive lawyers but,when Raila takes office,they catwalking gobernatorior aspirant will be in jail.

This means Raila does not tolerate corruption and looting of public funds.Under Jubilee government,their work was to embezzle public funds,but they should be ready to puke all that.

Team Raila

In 2013,Tinga had Ababu Namwamba who is now a lost son who is not sure of retaining his Bundalangi parliamentary seat.The poor boy who now does commercial adverts for Menengai soaps and uploading his kids pictures on instagram,left ODM as party Secretary General claiming not having bullets to shoot and joined a club party a party that wears choir uniforms.Lets leave that story aside.

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Raila campaign team is now charged up.New real force include BABU OWINO.
Whether they like it or not,this man will drive many votes for Baba.Sure enough,the Parliamentary South Embakasi aspirant has the force to pull votes for Baba.

Add Ali Hassan Joho on the list.Uhuru Kenyatta has made Joho Strong.Joho is the only governor who can orgsnize a rally away from home and still pull crowds.
There are many other loyal followers and powerful people around Raila.

sultan joho

Musalia Mudavadi is a good preacher and his game is lit lately.Am not sure if the Mundu Khumundu,Moses Wetangula has stopped being harassed with his better half.This is a curse for baba winning streak.

Raila has gained trust from Kenyans

The latest opinion polls shows it.Though the ODM and entire NASA team has never agreed on Kenyan polls,the polls show the margin between Baba and Uhunye is small.

After showcasing various jubilee scandals,Kenyans are trusting the leadership of RAO.

Raila Joshua Odinga

Raila Joshua Odinga

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