25 Reasons Uhuru Kenyatta Deserves to Be The President of Kenya

25 Reasons Uhuru Kenyatta Deserves to be The President of Kenya:

Uhuru Kenyatta is the incumbet president of Kenya.And for that reason he stands a good chance to extend his tenure.

Presidency History

The Kenya presidency history has it that no president has ever served for one term.Under the new constitution,one serves this seat for two terms.Uhuru Kenyatta has only served one term!The second one is here, history has it,no president has served one term.Uhuru Kenyatta wount want that to happen to him.

Uhuru Kenyatta Is Now Free

During his 2013 campaign,Uhuru Kenyatta had a pending ICC case.When he won,still the case was not over.His 100 days in office faced many challenges juggling his case and running the country.Now that the case was nullified he got all the time to run Kenya minus any distraction.Uhuru Kenyatta deserves a second chance truly.

Uhuru Kenyatta Is A Tourist

Normally a well travelled person is exposed to much content.Under the history of Kenya,Uhuru Kenyatta is the most travelled president.He has held bilateral talks.If given another chance,he will travel more and also hold more bilateral talks.

Uhuru Kenyatta Is A Digital President

We should give credit where its due.Under president Kenyatta,many government services have gone online including eCitizen.This has reduced paper work by a wide margin.

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Uhuru Kenyatta Is A Family Man

As a true african man,no one leads others if he doesn’t have a home to lead.Apparently Uhuru Kenyatta has a family to look after.No scandals within his family and as africans say,then its only a goon who wount give a family man like Uhuru Kenyatta a second chance to lead Kenyans.

Uhuru Kenyatta Is A Democratic Guy

When he lost 2002 with Kanu to Mwai Kibaki,he conceded defeat.He surely acknowledges the will of the people.Am sure if he loses,he will do the same .

Uhunye is Humble

We have seen some ‘dictators’ before him,but Uhuru Kenyatta is not of the type.

Uthamaki Blood

Uhuru Kenyatta is a kikuyu.We are not electing president on tribal lines but,just figure out this.We know kikuyus have business blood running in their veins.We give Uhuru another chance,our economic growth will grow by a double digit this time round.Fact!
Lets vote Uhuru and safeguard Uthamaki.Its good for our economy.

A Man Of Integrity

Uhuru Kenyatta has no stain on his integrity score card.Not him but his ‘people’ who rumor has it that they loot.

Kusema Na Kutenda

80% of their 2013 manifesto to Kenyans is done.Talk of free maternity charges,paying for students national examination fee.Laptop projects and the ongoing Standard guaged railway that is on its final stage.

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He Loves Kenyans

Getting a chance to see president Kenyatta is not a walk in the park.But I can assure you that if you get close to him,its like knocking on heaven door.

He and his deputy decided to amalgamate their parties into one party that will unite Kenyans.President Kenyatta has his peoples interest at heart,you can take that to your favourite bank.

He is a duplicate of Magufuli Pombe

He doesnt give a damn.He got Charity Kaluki Ngilu and likes of Najib Balala to step aside awaiting investigation.

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