#3 Crazy Things Women Hate In Men

Its very contrary that things a wifey may hate are the same things a girlfie likes.

There are some habits and characters that women distance themselves from.You should watch who you date and intend to marry.

1. Living With Your Parents

You are still living with your parents,How now? Its a big shame for any man living in with his parents under the same roof.Women hate this habit to death.

Women translate this like turning her mother-in-law house into a lodging.Some women will never take you serious.No women will take you serious if you live with your parents.

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Real women hate men living with their parents.This sends a bad signal to them.Are you ready to marry her any time soon while living in your mama’s house?

Before you propose to her,get your own house where you will manage and own.Entertain your own woman in your house!

2. Poor Dress Code

You are a man and not a teen anymore.Should we see you sagging your pants?Never ever.

Women hate men who act immature.Man up and have a sense of fashion.Never embarrass yourself by shody outfits.

Women hate men who refuse to grow and embrace real manhood.

3. Raver

Women want utmost attention.You cant leave her behind and go party all night long.

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A woman hates a man who drinks all night long and comes very late home.

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