3 Signs Of A Good Blogger

3 Signs Of A Good Blogger


So do you want to be a blogger?
Daily I meet people whom are curious of what I do.After explaining myself,they fastidious want to learn more on this.

Blogging is fast becoming a career and not a hobby anymore.If you would like to know the real meaning of a blog,then I will say its a normal diary.Only that it is done online.You will share and express your ideas how you want.

– Reading Character

A good blogger tends to reads more and loves it.This is not only to get more knowledge but its what your work involves.However,your niche will always dictate the nature of material you read.

– Proof Reader

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You can distinct a good blogger by  his/her grammatical errors in his/her blog.A good blogger always proof reads his/her work.If you want to be a good blogger,you should always check your work before hitting the publish button.

More established bloggers seek services of professional proof readers.This will cost them a few cents.They never want their reputation to be ruined by simple correctable mistakes.

I will encourage you to install a premium software since it will help you than looking for proof readers.

– Top Level Domain

Any good blogger is taken serious buy the domain name.A domain name cost $10 Only! No blogger is ready to lose his/her work.Anywhere you invest you are not ready to lose easily. Buy a top level domain
Serious blogger invest in blogging
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– Time Concious

A good blogger creates a routine time to blog.This will always give easy time to your audience.They will not pop everytime in your site to look if you have posted new naterial.

But having a schedule will send a good signal to your visitors.

Hope you loved these tips on signs of a good blogger  and if you put them in action you will stand from the rest.


Dex Antikua

||Radio Presenter||Pro-Blogger||

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