#3 Signs That Your First Date Will Fail

This generation is filled with heartbreaks left,right and centre.Pride,lust and uncontrollable emotions rulling the hearts of many “romantic” souls.

Gone are the days when one could listen to his/her heart but now it has turned to boiling and wailing hearts.We have seen dates gone sour and hearts being roasted.

Did technology advance to ruin relationship or build more firm foundation to a new beginning ?That is a story for another day.

So,the D-day is here and you are set for yours first date with him/her.Nowadays chances of your first date failing is high.Here are some facts.

Keeping Kenyan Time.

You agree to meet at exactly 5pm to have a coffee date .You go ahead and add the usual kenyan 2hrs and reach there 7pm!!! My dear,did you plan on a dinner date or what?

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From there you are assured things wount run well along the conversation you will hold.Be sure that there are other personal responsibilities to be attended to.


Boom,you are there on time but you still not at peace.You seem to be in a hurry and not settled at all.This is a clear physical signal that you were not ready for the date.

If you feel unrelaxed,you have the right to always schedule your date to a suitable date again.You being uncomposed makes the other person feel unsecured too hence your first date will fail terribly.


Choose an ideal place where you will hold your date.Let it be of less distraction.For instance you wount suggest a first date in a cinema hall .

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Avoid a venue where distraction is.Someone will not pay more attention to what you are speaking.A walk to a park or a coffee date can work among other suitable places.

Those are the signs that shows that your first date will fail.Try you best to change.You never know who you will meet.Bonus Tip;Always end a first date with a hug.I will explains the inportance of a hug on your first date.

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