5 Reasons Why Youth Detest Going Out


The world is changing at a fast rate that seems to affect every decision made by people these days. Youth are a group that is largely affected by each rotation the earth takes. Going out for parties and meetings was cool in the last generation but the new crop of youth seems to be turning down any opportunity of making merry. Here are 5 reasons why this is happening.

  1. Netflix and Chill

Since the cable network was discovered it has become impossible for youth to go out. Countless movies and interesting content is being displayed and missing out is a crime these days. This phrase is also used to describe sex. Netflix and Chill is being preferred to regular partying and meeting other people while at it.

  1. Cost

The cost of a night out in Kenya scares off young adults who may want to try it out. Uber is expensive, alcohol prices have shot up and getting meals at a cheap price has become almost impossible. Sitting indoors and eating homemade food is a lot cheaper than buying meals at a restaurant or a club.

  1. Work
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Most young adults are juggling jobs because of the small salary they are getting from their managers. Part time jobs are the most prefered because school is another issue that most young adults are still handling. Most of them end up being held up all through the weekend and raely get time out to attend night outs.

  1. Peer Pressure

Growing up, opinions from friend always affects how one behaves. Youth have friends that will always tend to advise them on how to handle situations and make reasonable or sometimes messed up decisions. The general view of the current Kenyan youth is that it is rather cool to stay at home than go out and get all drunk and stupid. Friends will tell you that catching up on the latest Game of Thrones episode is better than travelling all the way to Kahawa Sukari to party.

  1. Technology

The discovery of applications and social media has made it easier for most young adults to access what they want without setting foot outside their houses. Mobile phone applications have made it easier to order alcohol or junk food and make sure they are delivered at your door step. I’m also in a whatsapp group that delivers movies and series to your house. Dating applications are everywhere these days and going out to bars and meeting people the old fashioned way is slowly dying out.

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