5 Things that Turn On Campus Girls

Campus students especially girls have been known to be party animals in all research that has been done by Team mafisi. This study has gone on to identify 5 things that turn on any University lady in Kenyan Universities.

  1. Money

Money is the ultimate panty dropper sorry I meant party. If you want a girl from campus to go ‘places’ with you all you got to do is have cash in your wallet, a lot of it. They will be all over you like fur on sheep’s skin.

2. Great Fashion Taste

Campus girls like bragging on the type of guys they date. No girl wants to be seen with a dude that still wears clothes that went out of market years ago. Some good designer clothes, the latest cologne maybe can loosen any campus girl.

3. Latest Electronics

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When I was in campus the ultimate girl magnet was a laptop. Any guy who had one did not have to go about selling his manifesto for some quality time with a girl. These days the ball has been thrown to I-Phone guys. Girls will flock to a guy who owns any Apple product because it comes with class.

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4. Alcohol

Have you been to any campus party? I bet you have. The ratchets are always enhanced by availability of booze. Kenyan girls drink their lives out. They party like its the Armageddon.

5. Bedsitter

Whoever came up with the idea of these little self-contained houses just messed it up. Girls are always turned on by the idea that their guy lives in one of these structures. Indoor bathrooms that limit the shame that comes with one night stands are a complete turn on.


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