5 Things that Turn On a Slay Queen

The drama has been plenty in the last couple of weeks. Slay queens seem to be taking over the bad girl universe in the worst coup ever. Bad girls were once an attraction to most men but these days slay queens have taken over. I have tried to study them and noticed 5 things that can be a sure bet if you want them turned on like headlights in this misty weather in Nairobi.

  1. Matching Shoes and Belt

Every slay queen will fall in love with you if you match you shoes with your belt. It is an easy task really but when it comes to men and fashion, they tend to ignore the basics. Slay queens love a man with a sense of fashion and a touch of class. Though their neck color does not match their face color they love a man who knows his belts and shoes.

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2. Money

This is basic. You cannot date a slay queen if you do not have a balance of at least 20k in your account. Dating a slay queen is like a daytime job. You have to be alert all the time and only switch off when you are sure she’s not looking. Slay queens move on easily so keeping her interested with the mullah is the way to go. Make sure she shops at Two Rivers every weekend and goes to Coast once in a month. ‘These expensive, this is red bottoms, this is bloody shoes.’

3. Electronic Gadgets

If you have an iPhone and can’t get attention from slay queens then you are playing it wrong. Avoid using phone covers and make sure you rarely throw that gadget in your pocket. Make sure she sees it when you pass by. These fancy electronics such as phones, TVs will land you any slay queen you are interested in because it turns them on and inside out.

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4. Cars

This should be in the same category as gadgets but it is a special case. Having a car is like having 10 years of job experience after your undergraduate studies. It lands you any slay queen you want. They all fantasize about road trips and instagram posts involving their new ‘bae’ who has a ride. Cars always drive these Kenyan slay queens out of their minds.

5. Alcohol

This is not debatable. Every slay queen likes to party and Kenyan parties without Alcohol are weird. We live in Africa’s largest alcohol consuming Country. Every Friday is normally a vacation. Slay queens start turning up on Friday afternoons with crowds gathering in Kahawa West or Westlands to get turnt. Alcohol in the mix will land you a slay queen.

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