5 Types of Kenyans on Twitter


Kenyans on Twitter have always been a force to reckon with due to their ferocious activities that make them the worst bunch to ever go against. Twitter is complicated to most people but those who are used to it love the daily dose of drama that happens on those ‘streets’ as they call them. Twitter is divided into various classes that can be grouped under the following 5 groups:

  1. Brand Pushers

The main reason people get on Twitter these days is for business purposes. Online marketing then takes over and turns these Twitter users into Brand pushers. Their main work is jumping onto a certain product and making sure it gets noticed by using tags that explain its best advantages. They normally get paid after the said product trends and becomes a talking point online.

  1. Socialites

Socialites are a bunch of Twitter users that like attention. Any topic that comes on Twitter has to be centered around them. They do not care whether they are being roasted or praised. All they care about is the Retweets and mentions carrying their names. In most cases these socialites are female but with the tides changing, guys are turning into socialites too.

  1. Twelebs
»»  Serikali Tafadhali Saidia Jimmy Gait.

Twelebs are what we know as famous people online. They have a huge number of followers and are normally mentioned on the biggest platforms. Some have even gone as far as buying followers or jumping onto follow trains that have become a norm for most Kenyans on Twitter. Twelebs will also get the best deals on being brand ambassadors and get paid in booze or tickets to an event.

  1. Fakers

This bunch of Twitter users try so hard to be on the same level with other cool kids. They probably have some knowledge in photoshop and will recreate moments to make them look like they are having fun while in real life they are still staying with their parents. They will post pictures of Masaku 7s or the craziness that goes on at the RFUEA grounds during rugby games just to look cool.

  1. Bantu Dragons

Earlier this week there was a complete shade that was thrown at Kenyan girls who have always been a headache to most guys. After failing to make it on a certain Twitter thread that involved Eritreans and Ethiopians as the most beautiful girls in East Africa, they were called Bantu Dragons. They are a bitter bunch and have raised their standards to match that of the infamous blue Subaru-shaming Njoki Chege. They have hundreds of unreplied DMs from guys and will screenshot these messages with captions proclaiming men are trash.

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