#7 Advanced Technology Sites Earning Highest Money Online

Its with no doubt that Technology niche is one of the best niche to blog about.

Technology niche has the best pay per click rate.If you have any information about technology,this is an area to explore.

Be keen since its a very competitive topic.But also onr of the best topic to blog because articles dont need to be updated regulary.

Running a successful blog will make you have a full home job.Making money online will be easy for you.

Having said so,do you know sites making  highest earning online?
We have the list with us.

If you wish to run a technology site,there are a number of things you should consider.

Here are some of them:

    ~Background Information
     ~Experience on Technology Issue
    ~Skilled Web Developer
    ~Love of computer
    ~Love for Internet

This is the list of technology sites earning highest money online.

#1. »  Mashable

A technology site that is updated after every minute.If you need any latest technology news,boomark mashable site.

Many people sort detailed technology from this site.This makes it to welcome 4M visitors daily.

Mashable site has an Alexa Rank of 680.

Making more than $2M per month makes the site Worth $420M.

#2. » GizModo

Gizmodo makes more than $2.5M per month!
It has page views of 3,800,000 and this makes the site that was create back in 2002 to have an Alexa rank of 623

If you want to buy Gizmodo,you will need atleast $400M.

Gizmodo pockets 60,000K daily!

#3. » ZDivet

Has 1,400,000 plus unique visitors daily page views.

Makes $20K daily and this can be seen through its poor Alexa Rank.of 3038.

This site that makes atleast $200K per month is worth $75M.

#4. » GigaOm

This site is worth $1M.
It makes $20K per month.

Has a good page views.Reaching 3M monthly Unique visitors is not a joke.
Alexa rank for this site is 32242

#5. » Tech Crunch

Worth $700K.
Tech Crush was created 2006,so far it has a small number of 500 unique visitors daily.

The site makes $75 per month.
A high alexa rank, 3,729,879

#6. » The Verger

Created 2004.

#7. » Engadget

This site is worth $400M commanding 19M unique visitors daily.

With an Alexa Rank of 472, the site makes $3M per month.

This list is here to purely to inspire any new blogger who wants to start a technology blog.

The cash figures are estimated and are as a results of traffic towards a particular site.

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