#7 Craziest Reasons People Want To Stay Single
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#7 Craziest Reasons People Want To Stay Single


Relationships are swaying left, right and centre.It is the art of tge day.But there are people with crazy reasons for them to remain single.

#1. Stress

How now? You all want timo stay single to avoid stress from your better half? This truly a crazy reason to stay single.We all know there are ups and down in every relationship.

#2. True Love

So you are there seated idling and waiting for magic to happen?Till when will you wait for true love?

Go out there and and look for mr/ms right. He/she might be also lazy having a lap in the hood.

No love is perfect,you should also be ready to face that other “sad” side.

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#3. Past Experience

Some people have really experienced crooked relatipnships before.This makes some to swear not to engage in any other relationship later.Thats a damn crazy reason,your past experience should not dictate your future.

Life goes on based on bad or good past records of your dating game.Maybe you should learn basic rules of relationships.

#4. Wish

Some of us are just wankers.Being single is not a good status in this era. One may mistaken you of having a serious problem.

How comes you got no idea of your ideal match?A crazy reason to stay single indeed.

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#5. Fear

It pains being heart broken.But wount you date because of that fear.You may claim real men don’t exist.So what? Will not you engage in any relationship?

As a man you should know things women hate.

#6. Age

You may think you are too young and hence want to stay single.My dear you are wrog.

#7. Career

Let career cheat you to remain single. Chasing for class may be a very crazy reason to make you single for a long time.

Taking much time focusing on your career might make the other partner fear dating you.


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