7 Profitable Business Ideas To Start With Ksh.5000 In Kenya

Kenya has a high unemployement rate that has seen many business pop up lately.With the government not living up to its manifesto of creating jobs,many Kenyans face a tough task to cater for their basic needs.

It has been openly witnesses big chain stores/supermarkets or brands close business because of unfavourable government policies.As life gets tough one needs to look for something to do and earn a living.Being employed is the new myth of good life,an aspect I disapprove.

Thumbs up for Dr.Fred Matiang’i who has spearheaded reform in the education sector.White collar job does not guarantee one safsfaction in life.Infact employment is the new slavery.With the new education system,am sure people will have a diverse opinion towards blue collar jobs.

With a capital of 5000 shillings,one can start a very profitable business.

Selling Panties

Very lucrative business.As low as a capital of 500 you are set.Go to eastlight and enter in one of the many wholesale shops.

Buy dozen(s) of panties.Ladies underware have a high end demand.On the other hand,men boxers are in great demand too.

Setting Up A Kibanda

Never assume that mama kibanda outside there.For real whoever operates the kibanda,mainly they are women,makes huge profit.

A normal kibanda Must have skuma wiki and fruits.

Starting a kibanda is not a big deal.Setting up a stall wount cost you much but you can rent one.

Capital to stock is not big as anticipated.With a stock of Ksh.3000 you are assured to have a profit of about Ksh.500.

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If you increase your stock to something like Ksh.5000 then your profit margin increases to like Ksh.700 upwards.

A kibanda has more clients during morning hours 9:30 am to 11:30 am,noon from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm and in the evening as from 1700 hours.

A kibanda is not hard to manage.Though one must ne a very hardworking person.You must wake up very early to buy fresh farm products at the market.

Tax are at minimal cost too.You can pay around 20 shilings in a week or two depending on your county of residence.


Hawking is an art of survival for many unemployed population.You can’t miss to set an eye on a hawker.They are either manoeuvering in road jams,bus parks or various estates.

Luo Dollar,a popolar musician in Kenya of “pesa otas” fame was once a hawker.

At a good day you wount miss your 300 bob.

With hawking you need to have a ‘sweet’ tongue.

You can buy your own stuff and start hawking or do it on behalf of someone else.

Selling Mitumba

Selling of second hand clothes is one of the few business in Kenya requiring small capital to start.

Mitumba is the best business to start with little capital.Many have explained about this business,its pros and cons.

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To wrap if up.You need to identify a good source for mitumba bales.Look for a strategic place,be patient and sell your mitumba.

For mitumba you need to have a thick skin.The profits are tantalizing but if you take your business serious.

Body Weight Machine

You need only to buy a weight machine and you are set.

Selling Diapers

Since the introduction of diapers,people have rejected the traditional napies.

The demand for diapers is shooting up daily.This business of selling diapers is steadily taking over.

Profits margin is small but if you create a chain of clients,you will make money passively.A diaper can cost something from 15 shilings to 600 shillings.

Shoe Shining Business

Shoe shining business is
perceived to be a job of the illitrate.This is wrong.

I will summarise it in a few calculation.

Take the population of Nairobi County,that is 2 million people.
Lets say people who are have have daily personal plans are 1000.Out of those,only 50 seek shoe shiner service.

If you charge 50 shillings per person: Then you will be making,50 shillings * 50 people = 2500 shillings daily.This means you make Ksh.75,000 monthly!

50 bob might be much to charge,lets calculate with 20 bob.
20 shillings * 50 people =1000 shillings. In a good month,targeting only 50 people daily and charging 20 shillings,you pocket 30,000 shillings.

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