#7 Most Profitable Topics To Blog About In Kenya


Are you a new blogger and stuck what to blog about? No worries we got you covered!
We outline the best niche you should work on and see huge changes in your blog traffic.

Getting visitors to read your blog is a nightmare to many new babies in blogging world.So what is the way out? How do you know that a certain blog will get more readers?

Here are the most read topics online.We have tested the and the results were spetacular.

#1. » Technology.

One of the most paying niche.Got a piece for everyone to chew.Technology bloggers pocket huge cash from their sites.
There are many sub-topics that make Technology blogging be a good area to write about.
They include the list below.
You can pick your preffered topic and start a blog under the same.

~ Software Blogging
~ Gadget and gadget review Blogging
~ Application Blogging
~ iPhone Blogging
~ Laptops Blogging
~ Cameras Blogging
~ Internet Blogging
~ Smart phones and tablets Blogging
~ Website Development Blogging
~ Hardware related blog.

#2. » Blogging.

A wide field that you cant exaust.It has made a full time work for some great people.
Sites like ShoutMeLoud,CopyBlogger and ProBlogger have made it through creating content about blogging in their niche.Do they earn real money from blogging? Yes they make money by running such kind of blogs.

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This is also the main pillar why we started our blog.As a blogger,you are a teacher.Hence you are expected to teach and show way to your new “Students.”As a blogger ooze wisdom.If you have information about blogging,then this is a good topic for you.

You may want to write a number of artices,remember to consider on this:
~ How to blog
~ Social Media
~ Affliate Marketing
~ Search Engine Optimization
~ Scripts
~ Tutorials

3. » Health

This is a Must topic in top 3 topics that are blogged about.Health.How doesn’t get any complication in his/her life? Blogging about health however,needs one to have some basic information under medical education or even herbal.
Its a wide topic and you can feature some sub topics like:
~ First Aid Measures Blog
~ Yoga Blogging
~ Weight loss and weight gain
~ Being Fit
~ Training and keeping fit
~ Pregnancy
~ Cancer and its treatment.
~ Food and Nutrition.

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#4. » Business

Business today,business daily are some terms we here daily.
Explore some sections and blog about them,you will see unbelievable results.
~ Finance
~ Investment
~ Real Estates
~ Loans
~ Forex Exchange
~ Banking
~ Stock Exchange
~ Human Resource
~ Savings
~ Online Business
~ Credit cards
~ Enterprenuer
~ Business Gaps
~ Mortages
~ Jobs

#5. » Fashion.

This is if you have passion for fashion.You will never regret blogging about Fashion.
With the eruption of many designers in our streets,you can utilize this oppourtunity and start a fashion blog.If you are a designer,kudos!Start a free blog and sell your stuffs.

All you need is a good camera and your phone.Attend more fashion events and get fresh content for your blog.

#6. » Law

Blog about law and see how you will earn a whooping amount daily.

#7. » Entertainment

Blog about juicy articles and see tantalizing earning you will earn in your bank account.

Above is a list of #Top7 Most profitable topics.Each blog gets a good number of unique visitors = good sales.

Pick one of it and get advanced as time goes by.



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