#7 Quick Facts About Laura Karwirwa

#7 Quick Facts About Laura Karwirwa


Natamani nikuone hitmaker Laura Karwirwa Mugambi is a fast rising gospel artist.With barely 21 years in this world,she is not fearing to take more souls to Christ.

    – Talk about beauty with brains.Laura is an intense booklover.This might have triggered her to be pursuing a degree in Food Nutrition and Dietetics at Kenyatta University.

    –  Though she is still single,Laura love kids very much.So its high time masifi got saved and chase her in church

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    – She is the first born in a family of two.

    – She run a spiritual religious and fashion blog .Laura Karwira Blog

    – You may ask why she dresses like a fashionista.Then here is the answer.This lady loves fashion and beauty, healthy lifestyle and all things funny and fun!

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      – Laura Karwira was born in 1996.Many of her peers have other earthly interests but for Laura,she got that passion for the ministry.

      – Laura loves pens of different colours.You wount miss her with a journal plus a pen


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