#7 Quick Facts About Paul Walker

#7 Quick Facts About Paul Walker


On November 30, 2013 around 3:30  pm the Americans and movie lovers across the globe lost a great actor Paul William Walker IV reknown as Paul Walker.He was loved by many and till date many dont believe that the 25 year old actor is no more.

    #1. Paul Walker started his career as a toddler.


He was featured in television commercials advertising pampers.He also started modeling as early as 2 years.

    #2. Joined Vin Diesel in 2001 and was in fast and furious 1.Since then he has been working for fast and furious till his death.


    #3. In 2014 With Vin Diesel,they won MTV Movie Award as the best on-screen duo.

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    #4. Upon his death he was filming Furious 7 and was set to be released in July 2014.His brother Caleb and Cody Beau Walker completed the role and Furious 7 was released in April 2015.

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    #5. Paul Walker had a daughter called Meadow Walker.This was with his one time girlfriend Rebecca Soteros .

    #6. Paul Walker run a charity foundation ,Reach Out Worldwide.It helps in emergency disasters. 

    #7. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth Composed a song “See You Again” as a tribute to Paul Walker.The song was used as a sound track on the Furious 7.

This is where Paul Walker and his best friend Roger Rodas died.



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