#7 Quick Facts About Stella Mwangi ( STL )

Many people who some double up to be Stella Mwangi fans,know her music only.Apart from that,nothing else.


STL was born in Muranga County,Central Kenya 1986.While aged 5 years,her father relocated to a small village Oslo,Norway because of political reasons.

Apart from her excellent  rap skills,STL plays piano very well.She started practising playing Piano at the age of 8 years.


Despite many artists who get assimilated with foreign language once they step outside their country,STL speaks fluent Kikuyu.This makes her “fit” well with her friends and relatives back at home.

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Stella Mwangi father was her biggest role model.She drew much inspiration from him.She lost her father in 2012 via a hit and run accident.Her father made sure she knew her mother tongue.

Beauty runs in her family.Stella Mwangi has another beautiful young sister.She us also a musician.

STL and her sister

Good work deserves credit.Not only her work has grabbed charts in various countries like Senegal,Kenya,Gambia and Norway,she has won awards too.They include; Kisima Awards, Clops Awards and Jeermaan Awards.


As a hardworking artist,Stella Mwangi art has been featured in some films.The films include;American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile and Save the Last Dance 2, and also in TV-series such as CSI: NY and Scrubs.

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