7 Types Of Men That Women Hate Most

Hi there and lets focus on what women hate about men that probably you never knew about.

Have you ever wondered why do women hate men or asked yourself what women hate about men ? If not,then today am going to show you the things women dislike about men.

There are things men do that women hate but unfortunately men do not realize.Some men think other men got charms that makes them to be followed everywhere.Men should know the right things to say to turn up a woman.

So does it mean there are women who hate men,No!!

Below is the types of men women hate.

1. Weak Stand

What women like in men is stand.Women tend to be guided by their principles.

As a man,you should have a strong stand on some issues.Never agree on what a woman says.Make the difference.Women who hate men with weak stand.Let your No mean No.

2. Argument Oriented Men

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I pity the kind of men who like picking up arguments with women.Its with no doubt that some men just love to argue endlessly .As a result they enjoy winning every argument . Its a proven fact that women hate men who argue endlessly and men who also try to correct them all the time for very trivial details.

3. Supremacy Title / Battle

A assure you a woman will hate a man who pins her down.Why should a man make a woman fell downgraded? This is why you see many organization are formed to defend women rights.

No woman loves a man who always seeks for an opportunity to downgrade women. If you have this trait, then you won’t charm her. Women hate men that make them feel they belong to the inferior sex.

4. The Obvious Men

Men,Let a woman not predict your next move.I repeat;let no woman predict the next move you are going to make.

Remember a woman who hates men needs a surprise.Yes,do it and you will access her heart instantly.

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5. Sympathetic Men

You might wonder what do women hate in men but you dont realise your character.You always want to be felt sympathy for.

Seeking sympathy from women is a key point that women hate.Work on your confidence and you will charm her.

6. Plain Talkative Men

As a man,you should walk your talk.Its a simple as that.No woman will stick around you if all you do is talk,talk and talk.

7. Ill- Mannered Men

A man who does not have good behaviour .Poor manners is what women hate in men with passion.A woman can’t withstand a man who can embarrass her.

As a man you can change the narrative that women hate men by behaving well.

Outside here there are women that hate men indeed so its upto to you to know the things women dislike about men and work on them instantly.