#9 Craziest Reasons To Date Short Girls

Tall girls are good,I agree but short girls have more good “cookies” that one has to add up on tall girls.

#1. » Short girls are portable.If you have one,treat her like an iPhone.They are easily to carry along and very well presentable.

#2. » Short girls are the best when in kissing business. Just like a stolen kiss in the morning,Short girls kiss is all the way up.
I bet if you have ever kissed a short girl,you do remember everything about that kiss.
You are assured a lifetime kiss bonaza if you happen to date a short girl.

#3. » True love is implanted in short girls souls.They have the real Royal Romance.
You can not compare love level of short girls and tall girls.
Date a short girl and she will supply you will unlimited love affection.

#4. » Short girls are always beautiful.This is a fact that tall girls never agree on.
Its true that you will never see a tall girl minus any percentage of make~up.Short girls are beautiful naturally.All short girls are beautiful,go ahead and date them.

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#5. » Short girls always offer positive vibes only.Short girls talk above your future and how to invest for your future life and children.
They motivate you towards the right direction.

#7. » Short Girls Are Few.
Short girls due to their high demand,its most likely the short girl you will approach is TAKEN.Hurry hurry up and grab a single one if you need one.

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#6. » Dating a short girl means respectful relationship.
She will not only give you respect because you are tall,but will guarantee you the respect you need

#8. » Short girls are not materialistic.A short girl loves a man not what a man owns.She priorities a mans’ heart.If you need a soulmate who wount mind your assests,give a try a short girl.

#9. » Short girls are always humble.They will not pick an urgument with you whatever the reason is.

If you need a happy and life full of romance,consider dating a short girl.If you have one,take care of her.If you dumped one,reconsider your decision.

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