#9 Killer Ways To Get More Unique Visitors


Unique visitors are drived from online searches.It is also reffered sometime as Organic traffic.

Do you know the highest ranking blog has hidden secrets behind Unique Visitors?

If you are blogging for money and aiming to maximise your earnings,this is what we have researched for you.

In a blogging career,you have to have get readers into your blog.Having more unique visitors will make you earn more money online.Unique visitors have a major role in your bid to make money online.

Here is our most eye opening research on how to get more unique visitors to your site daily.

#1. » Content

Have a unique content.As many have said before me,I repeat again,Content is King.Write a unique content on your blog.Google highly discourages copy paste idea.Make sure your article is not a duplicate of another blogs article.

Be original and perfect your writting skills to get more unique visitors for your  site.

If you choose a perfect niche and concentrate on it only,you will avoid being mixed up easily.

#2. » Long Articles

A blog that focuses on long  posts tend to get more unique visitors.If your article is uniuque and has more relevant words,your chances to get more unique visitors is high.

We researched and found that blogs with more than 2000 words have more than 80% of its traffic from organic traffic.This simlply implies that their unique visitors number is awesome.

Long posts tend tp give detailed content and information.When an article is long enough and has great content,this will reduce your bounce rate.A good step for your blog.We will discuss about Reducing your blog bounce rate in our next article.

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#3. » Many Post

Some blogs that have good alexa rank,are updated regulary.

This is a practical example in entertainment Blogs like MsetoeaEa , Niaje  is Extimated to get 11,000 unique visitors daily),Mpasho   ,eDaily are entertainment blogs that are updated regulary and their unique visitors daily is staggering figure.

If you are a part-time blogger consider updating your blog with two articles every week. By the end of the month you will have more than 8 articles .That is a good step to start at.

Big sites that have an estimate of  1000 uniques views  and about 800 page views,are likely to post one article per day.

#4. » Mention Other Blogs

Featuring other blogs in your blog will work wonders to your site.It really  helps in backlinking .Backlinking plays also a good role towards having visitors to your blog.

#5. » Controversial Articles

Writing controversial posts will also help you get morw unique visitors to your blog.
I repect Cyprian Nyakundi site so much.The admin,Cyprian Nyakundi is an amazing guy. I admit am his loyal visitor to his site and also a subscriber.

His blog is based on Truths and Fact only.Buy at time he do write some articles that cause tension online.Being a twitter big wig also helps his blog so much.

Cyprian Nyakundi can write a controservial article that can gather not less than 10,000 page views per day.High percentage of this number comes from organic search = unique visitors.

#6. » Commenting Habit

Make it a routine to comment on another blog under the same niche like yours.
Leave a detailed comment that will lead to other blog readers want to learn more about you.

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This will in return “pay” you big.

#7. » Major Events.

Blog on major events like election and see a deadly result.Especially if you blog about an ongoing election,you will see magnificient unique visitor statistics.

8. »  Advertise Your Blog

There are many ways to do so.I will just highlight them because there is an article under the same.You will see it in your mailbox,incase you have not subscribed to our newsletter,kindly do so.

     ~ Advertise your blog on facebook.
    ~ Adverise your blog on Pintrest.
    ~ Advertise your blog on Stumble Upon
    ~ Join Quora
    ~ Guest Blog

They are some ot the best area where you can advertise your blog and the results that you will get are satsfactory ones.

#9. » Blog Contest

This is a killer way.You just need to run a contest on your blog and see your unique visitor rate go all the way up.

Also this is a good article that I have blogged about.Look for it,under Blogging Category in this site.You will learn how to hold a blog constest and its benefits.

Our research today was based on #9 killer ways to get more unique visitors to your blog.

Yes,we do agree there are many ways but these are the best one.We have tested them on some of our blogs and the results were good.

You have a challenge to do it now for your blog.Incase you are stuck,contact us on our Contact Page.



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