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Hello and Welcome to my #RoyalRomance site.

” I wanna be a billionaire,so freaking bad;and buy the thing I never had.I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine;smiling next to Oprah and Quee.”

My name is Dex Antikua.I am a Kenyan professional blogger.Here is my inside blogging journey.

This site focuses on #5 main pillars.

#1 »  Making money online,Kenya.

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#2 » Business

For all working business Tips and ideas,we got you covered.Finace and all topics related to money,bookmark this site.

#3 » Technology .

We provide immediate technology news.Also we have got for you the best technology tips and tricks.More stuffs about technology are found here only.

#4 » Health.

Needless to say,Nim will get you covered on this.She said she wants to you to benefit and get fit with Nim.She is a good yoga master and has more tips concerning your health.

#5 » Entertainment

Juicy gossip but under facts base is what you will find in our blog.Its worth reading and acts as a refreshment tool tool for our readers.


My love for internet is a mind blowing story.It all begun late 2008.This was an year after Marck had launched his facebook app,right?For me I had just finished my primary education.

I scored highly in my exams hence was admitted to a good school.Being admitted to high school foe me was a privillage.This is the period I fell in love with computers for the fist time.I used to skip my lunch meals just to learn more about internet.At one point I was nicknamed a “computer wizard,” am not sure if this name do exist nowadays.

My first holiday I made my first step in the world internet.I created my email;a ymail extension.This was a milestone kicked.Since then I made google my best friend.And then the obvious one I managed to create my facebook page.I made all this by myself,isn’t it amazing?

Back at school,computers consumed most of my time.Playing games and music is all I did.There was no internet connection at our school by then.I wish it was there.By now I could be a pro in coding.Thanks for the Jubilee government by issuing class one kids with laptops.

I dropped computer classes to concentrate on other subjects too.My computer teacher strongly disagreed with my decision.Guess what,I changed my school.Yes I did change my school.

If you have been keen following my posts,you must know that I have a passion for radio.Am also doing a crowdfunding campaign to be a presenters president. Always yearning to enroll for journalism and mass communication classes.You get the point now? To keep my dream on track,I always read,read and read daily newspapers,watch news and listen to radio.Then on this particular day I read about Lilian Kithia story,that was the day I learnt the coolest information in my entire life lived.

I am a professional blogger.This is because I have been to Blogging school for more than six years.
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I had to spend my own money to do more research on how to make money online in kenya a reality.Here I am today making money at home comfortably.I turned down a university scholarship inorder to make my dream a reality.

I started Dex Antikua Blog,on a free hosted platform.And I had a clear idea for that.I wanted to teach people how to be sucessful in life especially under business niche.I was blogging out of passion and as a hobby.So I never made any money online.But am glad that that it got a significant audience.My organic traffic was awesome.This is a thing that gives many new blogs a challenge.Getting organic traffic.

I don’t love giving long stories and braging around.All I can request  you is to stick around and make sure you have subscribe to my blog.Bookmark it.Share it.

My Mentors

1. Mzazi Willy M Tuva

2. Cmb Prezzo


3. Cyprian Nyakundi

4Victor Matara

Now back to business.#RoyalRomance

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