Access Instant Loans Online In Kenya

Been granted a loan with many  financial institution in Kenya is such a hurdle if you don’t meet some set requirements.There comes a time you need to get some monies to buy some stuff or clear minor bills but you dont have hard cash.But how do you get instant loans online with your phone?

Even some of Best Saccos in Kenya will not allow you to get instant emergency loans if you are not one of its members.

Thanks to advance in technology,you can get instant loans online using the following android applications cum sites:


Many people in Kenya are not yet familiar with Zidisha.Zidisha its a p2p lending (personal to personal).

All you need is an active facebook account and a valid email address.
If you are set with that,you can proceed to their website or use the Zidisha android application.

You will then sign up and create an account.You are required to briefly explain about yourself in more than 100 words.Upload a nice picture with a smile on.

Next you will have to explain about your business.How you run it and the profit margin.This will act as your business proposal.

After saving your data.You will be required to apply for a loan.After applying,you will be waiting for lender(s) to grant you a loan.A loan runs for 30days but if the amount requested eg $20 it will take few hours.

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You will receive an email alert or text notification if your loan has been funded.You will need to log into your Zidisha account again whereby you will confirm the loan grant.

Your loan will be disbured to your safaricom line after less than 3 days.

Zidisha does not charge any interest on loans.I use Zidisha because of the repayment method.You can pay weekly or monthly and you can always adjust this figure.


Tala is another android application that you can use to get instant loan online.Unlike Zidisha which has a site and an application,tala purely relies on its application.

Here you dont need much to do.You are required to install tala application in your phone.It MUST be your own phone.You will create an account with your line.

Tala provides you with a loan application form,how you fill it will determine your initial loan.Normally as a start,you can access to $20.

Repayment of tala loan is weekly or monthly.


You do not require an android phone to access kcb mpesa loan.All you need is an updated mpesa account.You are not eligible to have multiple kcb mpesa with same ID.You need only one account.Upon activation you are smashed with a tantalizing loan.It can be anything between $0.5 to $30 or more.

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If you are not listed with CRB,then you are well set to use kcb mpesa.

The interest rate is low,something less than 3%.


Very common with business people in Nairobi.The more you save on Mshwari,thats how you are increasing your loan limit.You can access a loan of more than $200 but the rate at which this loan is attained is very slow.You are likely ti be saving some good amount.

Repayment is general.Provided you pay.If you delay they roll on some fee.

The bad thing with M-shwari is that any slight delay in repaying their loan,the just foward you to CRB without hesitation.

Once listed with CRB you can acces also m-shwari loan.

Their interest rates are also slightly high.


Another awesome android applicatio.Though its not combatible with all android phones.

You need to have a facebook account.Branch international automatically will determine how much to loan you.Initial loan shoul be between $5 to $20.

Repayment period is weekly.The interest rates of Branch are relatively lower than other applications names above.

As you can see,you do not need any  guarantor(s) or savings to Access Instant Loans Online In Kenya.

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