AdNow Native Ads Tested Review

AdNow is a fast growing native ads network with more than 150K partners and this number is growing daily.This platform is cheap for advertisers or Any publishers who want to make money online,should try Adnow network.

As a publisher,sometimes is good for your site to pay some bills for you.Normally,we (publishers) don’t like displaying ads to our esteem readers.It affects a blog site in many ways.However,for research purposes this site do use them oftenly,thanks for our audience who fund us via donation(s).

There has always many stories sorrounding AdNow Advertising Network but I want to give my review on a personal experience.

After  failing to get Adsense approval in the first place, I opted to get Adsense Alternatives. Its always a setback not to have your adsense account approved.Remember Google  Adsense is always the highest paying ad network around with best ppc rates.

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So is AdNow a Scam?

After trying many per per click ad networks,I landed for AdNow.
From the site navigation,I gained guts to try it.My other senior bloggers claimed to earn money online via Adnow.

I could encourage and recommend this site for one reason,its responsive.AdNoe is Easy to blend with any site.The display is amazing

Getting Started.

Registering for adnow is very easy.
You just visit their site,AdNow and register as a publisher.This process takes less than.a minute.
After completing filling the form,you will receive an email  after you have confirmed your account will be activated.

Then you will log in your account.You will need to create a widget.Get the code and paste it in your site.If this is hard for you,you will need to use AdNow Plugin,in case you use wordpress

Now here is real deal

»»  This Is How I Make $40 Online Daily

I did use AdNow,and my experience was worse!!! After driving massive traffic to their targeted ads I really never enjoyed the results.

I drived more than 4000 traffic in less than 2days and only to make mere $0.2.This means CPM is something like $0.001. This is crap.
I always advocate for adsense and nothing less not even adsense alternatives.

With 4000 plus traffic,I experienced more than 30 clicks.It is shocking that the figure don’t concur with my analytics statistics.

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