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Amazing Exercises To Do In The Morning

Normally a day is well predicted at morning hours.Poor Morning ritual means a hectic day.There are a number of simple but,important things to do in the morning.They will cater your monday blues and daily morning “laziness.”

Drinking lemon water.
Lemon water has health benefits you should consider having it on your morning schedules.


Meditation boosts your brain to be ready to tackle the day.Its not a state of being stressful or thoughtful .


Check the bones if they are intact.Stretching is a simple “automatic” exercise.

Having a walk in the car park or down stairs twice or thrice wount consume much time.At work one might not time to walk or jog around.The only time available is to walk through work files and latest emails.

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Instead of lapping in the hood and sweating like Usain Bolt,a walk of 7 minutes is enough to prepare you for the day ahead.

Healthy breakfast.
Nothing will workout in a day in an empty tummy.That is a fact.A cup of tea and a piece of bread aint a heavy breakfast but a mere breakfast.

But wait! Too much eating should not be mistaken into healthy breakfast too.A proper breakfast makes one forget about a cup of coffee at 10 and slightly miss a lunch.

If a tummy is well catered for with a heavy breakfast,the day will run smoothly.

Many people see reading as a problem.But for one’s day to be very active,reading should be taken into consideration.

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But what is the simpe criteria to adapt this habit? Sometimes its not easy to remember reading.Buying a novel and reading daily a page will work wonders.

Just have an old newspaper,holy book(s) or a magazine on your table always.This will trigger you to read a couple of paragraphs before leaving for work.

If its not reading,then its writing.