Make Money Using This Android Applications

I am a great lover of mobile android application.They ease for us much hurdle in some tasks.Are you aware you can make some cash using some of these android applications?

Thanks to advanced technology.If you have got a smart phone then it should help you  pay lunch bills and minor expenses daily.How will you feel when an android application that doesn’t interfere with your phone schedules but makes you that extra cash?

To install the android application that am about to review,you should know the basis of what it entails.

Firstly,your smartphone should be on android.(prefferably latest version atleast 4.0 upwards)Hope now you are ready we get rolling?

Inbox Dollars


This is an amazing android application.This is because it majors in many fields.Install it as your first android application to make you get some cents into your wallet.Do you really know what Inbox Dollars entails? Relax and answer the following questions:

     – Do you love surfing and seeking more information online?
    – Do you love playing games with your phone?
    – What about taking surveys ?

If your to above questions are all Yes,then you should install Inbox Dollars.This is the reason.By surfing the net,playing games and taking surveys you are touring to your richness destiny.

Inbox dollars offer payment via cheque.The minimum payout is $30.This can be achieved easily by just playing games alone at Inbox dollars.



Another good android application.Very fast and easy to use.If you love movies,this is your best android application.You can also access Trailers via its site.You simply get paid for watching movies on this wonderful android application.

Slide Joy

Best every smartphone owner to install this android application.Personally I use it.Only by its name,Slide Joy defines itself.This is a cool application that appears upon  screen lock.When you unlock your screen lock,you meet an impressive advert.Just by seeing and reading it,thats how you make money.If you are not interested with the advert,you can skip the ad and you will still make money.


Its that simple.Just how many times do you unlock your smartphone daily? Everytime you unlock your phone,if you have the slide joy application,you make money.

The minimum payout is $5 .



Its  a research android  from Ipsos,an independent MR Company.

Ideal android application for sharing informatin.Here you are required to take surveys and share your honest opinions.It can be any opinion especially this political polls.
With i-Say,you choose your rewards.

i-Say is a legit paid survey app.



Not yet tried this app.
Its a mobile based and sends you relevant ads,deals,movie trailers and restaurant vouchers.One makes money by clicking on the ads.
I rate it as an average android.You can try it.

ESPN Streak

Here is a chance for all football gamblers.Especially who love playing jackpot(s)

Also if you are a football fan,then you will find this android application useful.If you have many correct prediction you win some cash.

Mint Coins

Wort your try.


Take your time and try two  or more android application.By the end of the day you should have made some money.

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