Basics Of Academic Writing


This Is a Guest Post From one of the few able academic writers in Kenya.

Today he is going to show how to make money online in Kenya via academic writing.

Freelance writing, online jobs, academic writing, research writing… These are some of the terms that many people use to describe what has become one of the most lucrative industries for many Kenyan youths.

But, what does working online really mean? Well, this question can only be fully answered by highlighting the various forms of online jobs that exist.


• Academic writing

• Article writing

• Transcription


• Online trading

• Paid surveys

In this article, I will discuss my favorite
niche and one that I have focused on mainly since I started working online several years ago: Academic Writing.

Academic writing involves carrying out research on a given topic and writing a standard academic paper on the same. By standard, I mean a paper that meets and exceeds all scholarly expectations as determined by the examiner/faculty. These include the length of the paper (in pages), the number of references to be used, and the citation/referencing style to be used.

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Most academic writing jobs are given by students who need the course workloads broken down for them for easier understanding and revision. As an academic writer, you are allowed to use any resources at your disposal to come up with a quality research.


For most Kenyan academic writers, the internet is the number one source information. Therefore, a computer and a reliable internet connection are the basic tools a writer needs.

A page is determined by the number of words, usually between 250-300 words. For most academic writing websites, a page should be at least 275 words. The most common citation/referencing styles are APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago.

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Mastering the art of academic writing requires a period of between 1-6 months depending on various factors such as the amount of time dedicated to learning.

In my next article, I will discuss the most crucial elements of writing an academic paper so that it meets and exceeds the client’s expectations. I will also throw in a few tips on how to ensure that a client requests you to write his or her papers ever time.

For those interested in learning academic writing, I charge a fee of sh. 1000 which caters for the entire period until you are able to work under minimum or no supervision.

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