7 Proven Reasons Why People Love Being Single

At times I do wonder is being single a sin!! Does this mean that when you are in any relationship or married makes you superior than to stay single?
Many people feel that to be single is to be alone and to be alone is to be lonely,this is wrong.

In the recent past,from my own statistics,I have realized that many people are single.Let me use an example of my dear ladies,sometimes a lady is so beautiful that men think that she is too good to be single.As for today,I got all you covered under this post.I take you through a short article on reason why people stay single.

For my loyal blog readers,am so sorry,I have been away for a while now due to many political activities going around in my country.However,I would like to thank all my audience whom we talked much on my social media platform and also whom constantly emailed me.To the rest,I missed you.After much consultation,I have decided to take this blog a notch higher.With time it will be a full dating and relationship niche.Thats a topic for another day.

Today I had this question running up and down my mind.Why do people decide to be single? To some equal measure,its either by will or by “Force.”

Let me explain in detail why some people capitalize on being single.

1. Past painful scenarios.

Heartbreaks are there as a matter of fact.Once you have been heart broken,the wound takes time to heal.Ooh my,its not easy to date again.

Anytime you are engaging in dating talks,you “look at the scar” again and fear of the same to happen.High percentage of ladies decide to stay single and their next move is not easily pre-determined.

As for men,they stay single and focus on other things.Remember they can’t concentrate on two things at once.So the part of dating,he might substitute it with hanging out with his boys or even watching football.

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For this reason,I have a perfect reason to win your Ex back.

2. Sexual Abuse

Many of you especially those who have been truly sexualy abused got high chances to stay single.The pain and memories never leave at onces.It takes years and to some forever.Only a few get over that dark time in their lives.

Apart from few whom hide in the sexual abuse cover to get donor funds,many people who have been abused in the past,are likely to stay single.

When a lady is raped,she will leave with the guilt for long.She will fear men and she opts to stay single.So whenever you hear her saying no to your proposal,at times know the reason.

As for men,its abit crazy.We have seen many gays whose story derive from being sexually abused.

When a young boy is abused,its really bad.That act is so immoral and lets him under depression.

3. Happy Staying Alone.

I remember one lady who we used to be in the same school.She is this type of a girl;am happy being alone.Maybe she loved her own company of being single.

Its not a must you to be in a relationship but,is it a justifying reason why you want to stay single?

Many local celebrities like Big Pin Jatelo and Fena Githu have been here for a minute,SINGLE.
so whats the problem?

They find it nice being single,that all.You might wonder are they the problem or its you? No,they rather stay single than be ‘complete’ with the other.

4. Career

Career will make many people single.I remember the late Wangari Maathai,A Nobel Prize Winner,her marriage went down because of reading and reading more books.The man couldn’t take it,he walked away.

When you are in career age,remember other things need to run.Let your better half know about it.

Career to some extent kills relationship.Books wount give you all.Life is short you need to be happy.Will you stay single because of your career?


5. Commitment

I have to use my personal experience to elaborate this point.I had to cut short my relationship because of my other commitment.Till date my Ex Lover has never thought that this was a legit reason.She is single,because of my reason to stay single.

Relationship need commitment.It needs your time.If you shift your diversion from dating maybe for other issues like business,trips and many other “useful” things,you will end up being single for sure.

In life there is what we call priorities.To some dating is not near the first priorities.In that case,one remains single.

6. Intimacy Phobia

I had a conversation with one of my blog reader,she had a this similar condition.She only had intimacy once in her life time.But why?

After intimacy,some people tend to withdraw from relationship.Yeah,they fear the act occuring again.In that case they stay single.

This is a rare serious illness that needs quick medical/mental attention.

In this generation,if you are not having a conjugal right,you call off the relationship.Before it reaches that point,do an action.

As for my dear men,here are some tips I posted that can help you.

7. Esteem matter

Courage has always played a crucial role in this game.You need to have esteem,a high self esteem but no even a moderate one can work.

Here is the deal.You will remain single if you have low self esteem.

Sometimes you need to make that bold move.In my career,I have helped my peers and other stakeholders of game and some new recruits of Mafisi Sacco I think,their Chairman,Mr.Jaymo needs to see me for a talk.


Thank you for reading the 7 Proven Reasons Why People Love Being Single and that you might have found them useful.Lets share the message to others and remember to leave your honest opinion on the topic.

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