Best and Marketable Bachelor Courses To Study in Kenya

Even though the unemployment rate is high,there are still jobs in kenya.Maybe the choice of your career is where you failed to pick correctly.Here are the Best and Marketable Bachelor  Courses To Study in Kenya

* Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management

Real estate growth in the country is increasing in an alarming rate.Many people are investing in real estates.A career course in the same field will see you make adequate money.

Close sources reveal that one can make more than Ksh.100,000 per month.

* Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of commerce is one of fas rising marketable courses and also most crowded facaulty.However,if yoi still proceed to persue the course make sure you back it up with other professional courses certificated.They include CFA/ACCA

* Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Bachelor in medicine is one if the highest career you can enroll.You are guaranteed job immedietly you are done with the course.Without doubt,the pay is tantalizing.

Incase you dont land a job,you may open up a small clinic in yiur town and start making money with relevant skills aquired.

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*  Bachelor of software engineering

It is the anticipated future.You should enroll for IT related class as soon as you can.

Big and small companies are looking for software developers.They need engineers to inovate programms,application and softwares to run their companies.

Pay in software engineering is big.

* Bachelor of Economics and Finance/

A Marketable Course To Study in Kenya and the pay is huge.

* Bachelor of Law

Lawyers are amongest most paid people in Kenya.The more years of experience the more pay you get.

* Bachelor of Pharmacy

One of marketable courses in Kenya,America and other parts of the world.Just have the required knowledge in this field and you will be smelling money.

*Bachelor of Architecture

It much involves designing of houses and buildings.A professional architech can pocket upto a million per month.

* Bachelor in Quantity Survey

Another marketable course in kenya with good pay.

  * Bachelor in Journalism and Communications.

One of the crowded field in Kenya.Let this not limit you from enrolling in this course.

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Employers look for that extra skill/talent that you have.

With  the increase of digital media alot of jobs have been created.

Also many media firms are being set up.

* Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education

Bachelor Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education is one course that is high in demand.

There has been an increase in demand for sign language interpreters and other professionals in special needs, from banks, NGOs radios, Televisions, musicians, NGOs,education sector, banks and other institutions are all in need of these people to help disadvantaged groups perform their duties.

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