Best Car Insuarance Firms In Kenya

After buying a car then next inportant step is to insure it.Insuarance company makes sure you get back into the intial place you were before any damage with your car.

There are many policies you can insure your car against.They include;
– Fire
– Theft
– Damage or other third party liabilities that can involve your car like accidents.

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Its a MUST thing for any car owner in Kenya to have his/her car under insuarance.

Today am listing some of the best insuarance firms in Kenya.

1. Kenya Alliance Insuarance Co.

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2. Majani Insuarance

3. Heritage Insuarance

4. AMS Insuarance

5. Jacpur Insuarance

6. CIC Insuarance

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