Best Saccos In Kenya

Did you know that Saccos in Kenya are the second most sought out financial institutions after banks?

There are many saccos in Kenya and others are still emerging.Today we focus on the best saccos in Kenya.

Over the past few years,we have witnessed several banks being put under receivership.This action has created few among some individuals.However,there are other many banks in Kenya that are perfoming well.

On the other side,saccos have had there ups and downs too.I know of some saccos that have closed business due to greed manner of its leaders.

With us is a researched list of some of the best saccos in Kenya that you can entrust with your cash.You are assured financial growth and other benefits that you will enjoy if you happen to join them.

         Unaitas Sacco

( Weka weka )
Fast raising sacco in Kenya.Unaitas Sacco is one of the best sacco in Kenya because of the satsfaction their clients pose of.

Membership is absolutely FREE.Join Unaitas today for free.Dial *346*1# for flexible banking.

Members of Unaitas sacco enjoy variety of services offered with Unaitas sacco.

  savings under unaitas sacco
      ~ Timiza Saving Account
     ~ Jipange Saving Account
     ~ Fixed Deposit Saving Account
     ~ Biashara Saving Account

  loans offered by unaitas sacco
     ~ Development Loan
     ~ Biashara Loan
     ~ Maono Group Loan
     ~ Project Loan

  Insuarance policies by Unaitas Sacco
     ~ Accident Cover
     ~ Motor Insuarance
     ~ Crop Insuarance
     ~ SME insuarance Cover
     ~ Insuarance Premium Financing

Unaitas sacco issues loans upto 3 times of a members saving.The best part of unaitas sacco loan is that the rate of payment is 1% on a reducing balance,is it not a big deal?

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Unaitas Sacco is commonly known for giving loans to young and ambitious youth mostly for development projects.

         Imarika Sacco

Another good sacco to grow with.It has branches all over Kenya and anybody is welcomed to join freely.

Imarika sacco also has good terms when it comes to loans matter.

Imarika sacco,will offer you (if you are one of its members) a loan 2times your saving.

The loan will be charged normal at a rate of approximately 1.25% per month.

   loans under Imarika Sacco
     ~ Imarika Vijana Loan
     ~ Karibu Loan
     ~ Emergency Loan
     ~ Scholar Loan

You can Contact Imarika Sacco via their Telephone:

          Stima Sacco

This is a good sacco but doesn’t suit everyone.Although membership is free,You must be employed to get a loan from Stima sacco.Infact many people join saccos to get loans and facilitate their main issues then repay slowly with time.

If you are not employed,never worry.Stima sacco will accomodate you but with a slight requirement.If you are only running a registered business.

With all the above met,you are in a position to get very fast loan approvals.Infact,stima sacco are number one in loan approval process.

Their loan interest rate is 1% on reducing balance per month.This loan is 2 times your savings.

   saving accounts of Stima sacco
     ~ Prine Account
     ~ Fixed Deposit Account
     ~ Msingi Bora Account

   loans offered by stima sacco
     ~ Development Loan
     ~ Emergency Loan
     ~ Salary Advance
     ~ Biashara Loan

They also have mobile banking system.

       Harambee Sacco


Located at City Square in Nairobi.

Harambee Sacco has more activities just like Unaitas Sacco.

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Anybody is free to join No membership fee.

Harambee sacco has two main activities namely:
1. » Front  Office Savings ( FOSA )
2. » Back Office Sacco Activities.

  loans offered by harambee sacco
     ~ Development Loan
        { This loan is 3 times your savings and you are given 48 months to repay it }
     ~ Emegency loan
        { max 100k with 1% interest to be covered within 12 months }
     ~ Education Loan
        { 12 months repayment period and 1% interest rate on a reducing balance }
     ~ Jisaidie Loan
        { Its 4 times your savings and repayment period is 72 months } 

For more information here are their numbers 0709943100 / 0709943000

         KUSSO Sacco

Best sacco but has not covered all parts of Kenya.

Feel free and ask them if they are near you via 0722206331 or 0734699774

           Waumini Sacco

Available countrywide in every catholic parish near you.Does legitimate business and trusted by many.

Membership is free and you are guaranteed loan upto 3 times your savings.

Interest rates are friendly,just 12% per annum.

             Mwalimu Sacco

Tends to favour teachers mostly since its founders were teachers.

It is a very professional sacco and handles every transaction in a professional manner.

As a member,you get a loan 4 times your savings.

Other Best Saccos In Kenya include;

   Safaricom Sacco

   Ekeza sacco

   Kenya Police Sacco

   Muhasibu Sacco

    Chai Sacco

    Afya Sacco

    Kimisitu Sacco

Check on a sacco that will suit your demands and go for it.

Some saccos are overatted and dont deliver the expectations.

Pay much attention to new saccos,some just disappear with your cash.


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