Best Ways Of Gaining Weight

Its so unfortunate that while others are busy losing I got a request to publish the opposite.How to gain weight.

One can lose weight in many ways that are unwanted and wish to regain his/her original weight.
Stress highly causes one to lose weight.

– Eating Pizza thrice With cheese for 5 days.This is a simple food that if you take in a week,you are sure to gain some kilos.

– Mixed Protein powder and milk,take it regulary.Proteins always play a big role in body building and muscle expansion.Milk contain fat which play a role in your body building process.

– Eat Avacado atleast on a daily basis.Readily available fruit and very cheap.Make it a habit that  atleast an ovacado is on your meal.Ovacado has that Magic.

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– Boiled eggs.
You want to gain weight instantly,this is the real deal,boil 2 eggs daily.However,take caution that eggs are not well if taken regulary.But avoid fried eggs since they have side effects.

– Life a stressful life and have a peace of mind.I pointed earlier that stress is the the main cause of losing weight.

– Take Some Soya porridge.Porridge is has a tendacy of enlarging your belly.But soya porrige,if you want that extra calories,make it and take it every evening.

– This will amuse you.My girlfie used this method and she saw the changes herself.Take Junk food and deep fried food.They have alot of fat content.This works exclusively for young kids and ladies only.

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– This is for the middle class .Taking 2 bottles of beer will extent your belly,thus increasing your weight.Also eating  Nyama Choma plays a good role in body shaping and weight gaining.

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