11 Best Blind Date Advices Ever

Blind Date Advice

Blind dates can get one uneasy when it comes to the preparation. By the way, do you really know what a blind date is all about? Well, a blind date is a kind of date where you are going to meet with someone you’ve never met before. Here, you have not seen them or talk with them before; you don’t really know how their manner of approach is; you don’t know their character and attitude and you don’t even know if they are the kind of person you can cope with in a relationship. One thing about blind date is that it looks awkward. Why did I say so? It’s going to involve two persons who are getting to see themselves for the first time. Just think about waking up one morning to meet up with someone you’ve never met before in your entire life.

To make your blind date to be a successful one, you need to put yourself together; wear a lovely smile on the face and be sharp enough to keep the conversation going. Are you getting yourself to meet with your ‘blind date’? Then I have carved out this article that will definitely give you the useful advice needed to be successful on a blind date. Blind date is a moment you shouldn’t miss in your life and the way you handle it will determine if it will work in your favor or not. But no need to worry as these 11 Blind Date Advices will keep you on the right track.

1. Get Prepared

As you know, first impression matters a lot and it’s really important to make the first impression a good one. You are going to meet up with someone you’ve never known before; you need put great importance to your appearance and looks. Get your clothes washed and properly ironed; get your hair well dressed and wear a nice perfume and don’t forget to polish your shoe. The way you dress will tell how your blind date will address you.

2. Be Cautious

One important advice you should never neglect when meeting a blind date is to be cautious. You don’t know the kind of person you are going to meet and that is why you need to be extra-careful so as not to meet with some bad person. Be security conscious. Let your date be on a public place like a restaurant. One advice for a blind date is to take your mobile phone along should there be any problem. It is also important that before meeting with your blind date, let your family member or friends know about it. In that way you won’t be putting your life in much danger and you will also feel relaxed communicating with the person before you.

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3. Be moderate in your expectations

For a successful blind date; let your expectations be moderate. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go with expectations, but let it be moderate and at the same time flexible. When i say moderate, let it not be too high and let it not be too low. For instance, you are expecting that your blind date is a rich guy with the latest car and on getting there, you find out that he has no vehicle of his own. You will feel sad at this and it can ruin your blind date.

Now, when I said let your expectations be flexible, I mean let it be able to adapt to the present situation; let it be the type that can be changed easily. Don’t stick permanently to your expectation. If what you see is not what your expectations were, then quickly change to it. Doing that, you will feel at ease to even discuss with the person and you will have a splendid blind date.

4. Take ‘Politeness’ with you

Politeness is another key advice when meeting with a blind date. Greet them with handshake and a lovely smile. You may ask, what about a kiss? A kiss is not bad but that should not be on the first date with someone you are just meeting for the first time.

If you are a man, be polite and put on that gentility of a cultured man by taking her to her seat, taking off her coat and act polite and romantic.

If you are a woman, thank him with a beautiful smile. As he pulls out the chair for you, show your appreciation. For a successful blind date, you need to adhere to this advice of been polite.

5. Maintain yourself always

If you try to be like another person, then you have successfully ruined your blind date. Be honest, plain and talk freely. The person before you wants to know more about you and faking things about yourself won’t do any good.

6. Listen attentively

The ugliest thing you can ever do on a first date is not paying attention when your date is talking. As you talk, also listen to him/her as they speak. Speak less, listen much. Don’t keep quiet throughout, as they speak, reply them to show that you are really following what they are saying.

7. Take note of your language

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It is not only your appearance that matters to your blind date, but the way you talk as well. Be clear and audible in your speech and mind the kind of words you use on your blind date.

8. Be watchful

I said before about been moderate in your expectations. You are not to go on a blind date with some kind of bad expectations but on the other hand, you need to be watchful. Check the way your blind date looks, the way they dress, the way the talk-they may keep talking about their failed relationship-the way they comport themselves and last but not the least, check out to see if they have a wedding or engagement ring on their finger. If you take this blind date advice serious, believe me, you won’t get into a relationship with the wrong person.

9. Stay Put and intact

In some cases, you may be tempted to walk away out of your blind date, probably because of what they have said to you or what they have done, but I say no to this. The date is not over yet and it will be rude of you walking out on them. I will advice you; don’t expect perfection from your blind date.

10. Avoid sexual talks

You don’t know if the person you are going to meet fancy sex talks, so the best way to keep the date lively is too avoid talking more of sex on the first blind date. Talk more about other things like work, families, friends, interests, ambitions etc. you may bore your blind date with sexual talks which they don’t fancy.

11. Speak up about the date

At the climax of the date, it’s good to let your blind date know what you feel about the meeting. If the date was fun and enjoyable, express it so that your partner would know about it. On the other hand, if you feel that both of you aren’t compatible; express it in a calm friendly voice in a way that they will understand you. Don’t leave your partner wondering if you enjoyed the date or not.

Blind date is really a fun and interesting experience that’s worth having. If you can keep these 11 blind date advice, you will really be happy that you did.

Thanks for reading and I believe you enjoyed the time spent reading this guide on blind date. Kindly do well to let me know what you think about these advice and don’t forget that sharing is caring.BEST BLIND