Celebrities Wishing Kenya A Peaceful Election

As the election process is ongoing,many celebrities have sent their peace messages for Kenyans.Elections come and go but Kenya will remain.

Victor Wanyama

To my fellow countrymen exercising your democratic right tomorrow,I want to wish you all the best and have a peaceful one

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Barakah The Prince

Niwatakie ndugu zangu wa #KENYA uchaguzi mwema na wa amani…


Ommy Dimpoz

Nawatakia Ndugu zangu Wakenya Uchaguzi wenye Amani na Upendo M/Mungu Awalinde Mmalize Salama AMEN


My Brothers & Sisters the beautiful people of this country that I love so much, like the song says ‘Ishi na amani maisha ni Salama’ I wish everyone a successful & peaceful election and may the best candidate win! Halafu twende mbele tujijenge pamoja
#IBelieveInKenya #GodsBeautifulPlan

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Akothee Kenya

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