Crucial Things Women Take Notice In Men At Fist Sight

When you are on a seducing mood or a seduction mission,you are not prepared for any defeat.However,you can fail or you have failed earlier.Maybe you never knew what went wrong.

In todays article,I want to teach men the key elements that women take note on a man at first sight.Are you with your pen and paper ready? Lets get rolling…..


Am really feeling sorry for shy guys.Its time to up your game.Let that courage rage in you.The more your heart wants to speak to a certain woman ,let your boldness be double .

You are in great trouble with any lady if your confidence is wanting.Women know how a confident man behaves.

They will check on the manner you talk to her or the way you walk.Those are the key areas where a woman checks on the level of confidence in a man.

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Work on your confidence and know how to express yourself.

As a man stay composed.Never rush to talk and jump into conclusion(s)


Women  are ever keen on how you smell.Did I say you spray yourself? No I didn’t.

For those who have natural oduor you have a big task ahead but keep an eye on this site your post is underway.

Your smell can make women hate you ore get overwhelmed with you.


Do you dress well? This question is crucial for you men?

Women always like men who know what to where , how to where and when to where.

Men are know to be colour blind but that can hinder you to try your best.Wear what suits you well.Play well in colours your level best and also your dress code should have a style.

»»  Ladies,Treat Your Man This Way

Never wear randomly.This is one factor men ignore buy women pay attention especially during first date.


Men,no woman wants to be associated with hygienic men.Women take note on small hygienic measure you take.

For instance on your first date,women will check on those nails.I never meant that you need to polish them but,keeping them short and clean will work.

Make your hair smart whatever style you apply on.This will increase you chances of being verified in someones’ heart. Just a small reminder,this trend should be continuous.

Falling in love is never a crime but being rejected tends to pin one downn.With right infomation you can easily lure your ‘catch.’
Basically those are the main factors women look into men during the first sight.Try your level best and polish up the points.