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Sometimes, relationships do face some ups and downs and if both parties involved are not active and fully committed to the relationship may eventually lead to break-up. I tell you, most relationships break-ups are not as a result of no love. There are other factors that lead to break-up and believe me if there is love between the two parties, they can still be re-united if you have once broken up with your partner, getting them back all depends on your readiness to do so. And this readiness needs to be backed up by love because if there is no love, the chance of getting either your boy-friend or girl-friend back is zero.

I always believe in possibilities and it’s not too late to get back on the love-path you once trod with your ex lover. Hmm I sense something! It’s like you are so eager to know how you can get back with your ex. But don’t be in a haste to avoid messing up things. Am sure you want to do the right thing at the right time and that demands moving with great care and caution.

Before looking out for points on how to get your ex back, I would like you to consider some of the key reasons why you partner left you. Like;

Did your partner end the relationship as a result of intense feelings and anger or bitterness? Believe me, if there is pride in ones life, such listed feelings would be hard to deal with.

Have they thought about the relationship through and see that it is not going to work?

These are just few things to look out for. Though they could be some other reasons as to why they left you and that varies in different relationship.

Now, after considering some of the reasons why he/she left, you need to ask yourself these questions,

Do I really want to get my ex back?

Do I really add value to his/her life?

Do they really add value to my life?

Do I over-rate him/her?

You should know what you want best. Ask yourself if that is the best thing for both of you. If you have in the past added value to their life, then there is a need to get them back. There is also a need to get them back if they have great value to your life. If you have over-rated your partner before probably for the fear of not finding someone else like him/her, then there is a need to have the mentality that you can do without them.

Wow! I know am taking much of your time but don’t worry, I won’t speak much now. If you believe with me that getting back your ex is possible, then keep reading as I am about to show to you how to get your ex back into your life.

Don’t go pressing them.

What do I mean here? The fact that you really want to have your ex back will not make you look cheap. Do you want to make a fool of yourself? No! Getting your ex back is very good but it is best that your still have your dignity left with you. If you act in a desperate manner, it will signal to your ex that you are so desperate to get back to him/her and that will make them feel so sorry for you and you will definitely look cheap before their eyes.

Avoid calling them, sending text or looking out for them on social media. If you really want to get your ex back, stay away from communicating with them. I know you would want to ask, ‘What if he/she keeps calling me or sending text messages, should I ignore that’? Of course no! You should not ignore their calls or messages. Reply them nicely but let it just end there and nothing more of that. In some cases, if they keep on pestering you, just ignore their calls for a while but don’t do that often.

If you keep on forcing yourself on your ex partner, you will lose the dignity they once saw in you and that will make them look down on you. If you’ve just witnessed a break-up, don’t think much of calling them, take your time out with friends to ease the pains and forget about them for the moment.

Forget about the past

You may have all the reasons in the world to blame your ex for the break-up, but the truth is, ‘how long will you bear the ugly events of the past in your mind?’ you need to let go off everything that happened in the past. If you still bear grudges against then, there will be no way they can come back because you won’t possibly accept them.

If he/she calls, don’t remind them of the past, it will only make them feel more sad and remorseful. Though it’s good to speak your own piece of whatever happened in the past but don’t ever make it habitual to bring up the matter each time they call or text.

Avoid childish play.

Most persons are fond of this. In a bid to get their ex back, they play games that they think will make their ex feel jealous or envious. Pretending to be dating someone else is very wrong and will lead to no where, it will only make your ex lover see you as a child with childish mentality.

Be yourself, maintain your pride, behave matured as an adult and don’t play games of any kind if really you want to get your ex back into your life.

Let your actions speak

You may have been the one who caused the break-up and now you really feel sorry about that. You can talk to him/her on the phone telling them how you have realized your mistakes and is ready to change. If they are not still convinced, don’t force them to believe you by calling every seconds of the day. You can write a letter to them apologizing and letting them know that you have taken a new leaf. You can also make it clear in your writing how you intend making it up if given the chance.

Be romantic

After all other steps I listed above, I feel this will always work because romance is another way of making the hard-hearted soft. It is not necessarily that your ex would be the only one sending some sweet messages; you can as well do it sometimes. Send them romantic letters and even buy gifts for them if possible. Though it’s sometimes true that making use of romance could be regarded as manipulative but believe me, if you do it with a genuine heart, you will really capture the heart of your ex back.

Getting your ex back into your life is as simple as ABC. Try it out and see how it works. Kindly drop your thoughts on these in the comment box

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