Proven Health Benefits Of Eating Ripe Bananas

Banana is an organic fruit that is curved and grows in bunches.Its yellow skinned in colour when ripe. There are many health benefits of ripe banana(s) because of high level of vitamins and minerals.

A banana should be eaten daily especially during meals because they do offer variety of health benefits.

Remember banana contain low sulphur and its also rich in potassium.This mean you are risk free from heart  attack and stroke

Here are the health benefits of eating  banana frequently.

    * Boosting  brain function.

Bananas contain potassium content that is used in brain functionality.As a blogger I take daily atleast one ripe banana.

    * Bananas help fight Anemia.

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Bananas contain iron.Iron helps in strengthening and boosting blood in fighting anemia.

    * Help diabetes patients

Diabetes patients eat bananas to regulate their blood sugar levels.Eating bananas helps in regulating blood sugar level .

    * Boosting Energy Level

Eating bananas regulary help you to gain extra energy to perform your work.2 bananas can sort your tummy well.

    * Kidney Cancer Prevention

Bananas prevent formation of kidney stones due to its aptitude to absorb calcium.

    * Banana cointain dietary fiber that helps fight constipation.

    * Eating bananas helps in protecting your teeth and bones .Teeth and bones need calcium to make them stronger.Bananas prevent you from losing calcium in the body which is later obsorbed and used to strengthen your teeth and bones.

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In summary,here ia s list of health benefits of eating  banana frequently.

– Curbing morning sickness

– Prevention of blindness

– Regulating diabetes level

– Reliving depression

– Plays a big role in fighting Kidney cancer!

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