High Paying Jobs In America

America is a super power nation.The employment rate is up to around 300%.The unemployment is nearly zero.Thats why a person is doing 2 or more jobs per day in a day.However,if you are in Technology sector you stand a good chance to get paid.Technology related jobs in USA is high.Second in demand is people working under health care field.

According to Glassdoor here is a list of 3 best paying jobs in America.

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    #1. Doctor

A doctor pockets around 15,700 dollars per month.

    #2. Pharmacist

A pharmacy manager earns 12,500 dollars as base salary.

    #3. Patent Attorney

A patent Attorney Pockets averagely 11,700 dollars per month.

Other Best Paying  Jobs in America

Unlike other developing countries,jobseekers dont only look for salary but also other co-factors.They include job satisfaction and personal growth.

– Cardiologist

– Radiologist

– Anesthesiologist

– Surgeon

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– Podiatrist

– Director Product Management

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