High Paying Sites for Kenyan Writers

Today we are concentrating on Kenyan writers only.We want Kenyans to make money online and pay their bills.

If you happen to be from another country,no harm you can as well loot this insider +254 information.

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Some sites In kenya underpay you as a writer.Less than $1 per an article is a killing someones’ pasion.

To be a good writer one needs the necessary skills.Like any other job,a writer puts on more effort on his/her skill to perfect it.

This article is a relief to many Kenyans starting their writing career.

We hope you will find it helpful .We acknowlege Freelancer Kenya and Maguga.

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#1. » Top Tenz

A very good site for any Kenya writer.This site needs you to write only a unique list of top ten things about anything.

This can be a list under any category:
    ~ Bizzare
    ~ Science ( Health,Technology,Nature,Animals,etc )
    ~ Entertainment ( Music,Art;Literature,Games,Comic,etc )
    ~ Misc ( Humor,History,Education,Crime, etc )
    ~ Culture ( Sports,Food,Travel,Religion,Politics,etc )

    * 10 insects with human characteristics
    * 10 politicians who never died

#2. » The Penny Hoarder

They are the best according to our research.

They are looking for freelancers who got funny but unique ideas for earning and savings or investments.

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They have a target they want like the article should range between 700 – 900 words.

The site has more than 19M monthly readers.

#3. » Funds For Writers

A site that was started way back 2004 by Hope Clark.

This is a platform that Hope built to link any writer with high paying clients.

Join her newsletter and see real magic.

You will recieve good jobs that some even go upto $200.

This are some of the highest paying sites for any kenyan writers.

Check on them.Lets us know where you are stuck so that we can advice.

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