Highest Paying Media Houses In Kenya

Its with no doubt that media industry growth is rapidly increasing.This can be evident from the many media schools that are coming up and the enrollment of media students.Under Kibaki government that came into power 2002,his government allowed  anyone willing and capable of opening a media house to do so.

According to communication Authority of Kenya,there are more than 30 television stations and 100 radio stations.This figure is to increase because there are a number of pending requests for registration of new stations.

The more stations a media company has the more pay.Remember,high number of listeners/or viewers attract more advertisers and this means more money.

Royal Media Services

Located at Maalim Juma Road, Off Dennis Pritt,Road Royal Media Services is so far the highest paying media house in Kenya owned by S.K Macharia.It has biggest televion and radio under it.The most watched television,Citizen Television and number one most listenes radio station in Kenya,Citizen Radio.

Royal media service runs other many vernacular radio stations like Egesa Fm,Ramogi Fm,Chamgei Fm,Muuga Fm, Musyi Fm and vernacular television, Inooro Television that was launced recently.

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Close sources reveal that as a fresh graduate,your starting salary is not less than Ksh. 80,000 per month! If you are skillful in a particular area,this figure can shoot up to around Ksh. 200,000 .

Television anchors at Citizen Television don’t earn less than KSh. 250,000.This makes Royal Media Service the leading company paying highest salaries to its employees.

Because of the good pay rate,Royal Media Services is home for popular names in the media industry.Some are Jeff Koinange,Hussein Mohammed and Willy M Tuva.

Nation Media Group

Nation Media Group was founded by The Aga Khan as a private media company in 1959.The NMG also pays its workers very
well and its evident in its many publication.The Aga Khan Media group does a number of things,publication,printing,distribution,broadcasting and creating online content.Here are their main areas; Newspapers, magazines,radio stations,television stations.Their stations include; NTV, Nation FM and Nation News Paper.

Located at Nation Centre,Kimathi Street,The Nation Media Group pays their employees well.A fresh graduate at NTV earns over Ksh 70,000 but one can earn even up to Ksh180, 000 as starting salary if he has special talent. Veteran
Journalists at the station earn up to Ksh 600,000 per month plus other benefits.

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Standard Media Group


Standard Media Group is located along Mombasa Road and it’s one of the leading media houses in the country. It owns Standard
Newspaper, Standard Digital Entertainment and KTN.
The starting salary for a journalist at Standard Media Group can be as high as Ksh 100,000
and as low as Ksh 50,000.But it’s better than many other small stations.

Others Include:

Mediamax Network

It owns K24 television


owns KBC television.The first television in Kenya.

Also it has a radio station,KmRadio Taifa.

Only senior workers are payed well .

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