“He kept on insisting that I take the leap and join the business and each time he tried I felt reluctant. Finally after some months i decided to give it a try. Its started well but just as I was about earning the benefits, the business crashed. He had invested and gotten all his capital back plus a whooping 4million naira profit. He was a LUCKY GUY! I was left to rue my untaken chances.” He was just a lucky guy!

But while I pondered and sort to know how to attract his kind of luck, I staggered into some truth. I got to discover the meaning and secret of GOODLUCK. I want to share it with us today.

As you might have thought, I also thought that good luck was been fortunate to reap gains (somewhat miraculously) with no efforts. On thw contrary I discovered that there’s nothing as such. GOODLUCK simply means: MAKING USE OF OPPORTUNITIES WHEN THEY PRESENT THEMSELVES.
In attracting GOODLUCK therefore one must always be on the look out for opportunities. Four things I reckon will make you lucky viz;
(Remember LUCK means seizing opportunities)

1. Preparation:

In whatever area you seek for fortune, seek to get knowledge about it and prepare yourself all round. It is often said “preparation for war is done in the time of peace”.

I notice that youths with their parents still around or are still living quite comfortably with someone tend to be different from those who stay on their own, albeit not all. Their position towards life seems nonchalant and indifferent. They think it will always be rosy. But the saying is true, ” na when hunger catch you well wey you go think well”.
If you see someone been indifferent to talks of entrepreneurship its most likely that he is not yet hungry or he completely has no idea of what it entails, or perhaps he or she has given up. Take advantage of your comfortable times and plan for the rainy days.Dont give up, keep preparing. Open a cooperative (most loans these days talk of cooperatives). Prepare a good business plan, make proposals on your ideas and keep, get your songs ready, keep rehearsing your spoken words, prepare your showbook. Don’t wait till opportunities come before you start scrambling upan dan like Jacky Chan. Ever heard of -When preparation meets opportunity success is guaranteed? Its true. Prepare already.

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2. Strategic Positioning:

Your mind has to work round the clock to make sure that once platforms or avenues come around you have to be close by. Try to be at the right place at the right time. How? Know what you want and go close to things/people that look like it. You want to be a footballer and everytime you are in the studio. How do you expect to build contacts with people in your field?

3. Prompt sensitivity:

Opportunities I have come to realize are most often than not hidden in challenges. So when challenges come quickly ask yourself: ‘what’s the opportunity in this?’ That’s why I admonish, stop complaining about what is happening to you! Lack of jobs, yea! Create one. Take your pains as opportunities and see how you can fight the situation. Take that discouragement from a brother, an uncle, a friend, an aunt as a yardstick to prove your mettle. Until you realize that this life is a constant war, you can’t rise up to the billing. You might loose some battles but be determined to win the war. Its YOUR life, Keep fighting!

4. And promptly seizing the chance when you are convinced.

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This is the mother of GOODLUCK. Promptly seizing opportunities that you recognise. It might interest you to note that the opportunity you’ve seen, another person has also seen it. That’s why you have to move fast! Fast! Grab it like a hungry lion.

This is how to be lucky. No one has been lucky doing nothing. Its either they were prepared, rightly positioned, quickly recognised the opportunity or were prompt to take action. Argue what you like but Peter wasn’t lucky to have Jesus in his boat, HE HAD A BOAT and kept toiling when others had given up! Lazarus wasn’t lucky to wake up from the dead, HE HAD SISTERS THAT SORT FOR JESUS’ INTERVENTION. David wasn’t lucky, HE WAS DILIGENT IN THE BUSH. God saw his heart.

So sweethearts, don’t sit and wait for GOODLUCK or a miracle. You can pray, but after prayer, Get up! Go! See! Conquer! Your luck is in your hands. You are the miracle waiting to happen. Please Happen!
Why sit there till you die?

(In the above picture I was one of two protocol officers to receive the General Overseer of RCCG worldwide, Daddy E.A Adeboye. I wasn’t lucky. I joined protocol. I joined in the cooking staff too. So they needed someone who was both at his lodge and still in protocol, I was in both. Perhaps i was lucky to join both? Cmon!)

Smiles Akoso Ter-Yima.

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