How to Book the SGR Madaraka Express Via Mpesa

With the introduction of Madaraka Express the long traditional bus travel is a thing oc the past.Talk of less time and cheap rates.

To book #MadarakaExpress via M-pesa, call 0709388888. You will be given details on seat availability, amount payable and the pay-bill number

In short,this is what I mean;
1. Make a call to 0709 388 888 between 7am and 8 pm and give your travel itinerary & phone number.

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2. The cashier will key in your travel details and phone number and generate  the total amount you need to pay.

3. You will then receive an sms with Paybill Number, Payment ID and the amount to be paid.

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4. Make the payment through Mpesa using the details provided in step 3.

5. You will then receive your ticket details via sms.

6. You will use the details you get in step 5 to print a boarding pass at the self service machine at the train station.

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