How to Make a Girl Miss You

My previous post was on how to make your ex miss you. The topic went viral and got many questions on my next topic.Today,I will show you ( men strictly ) how to make a girl miss you.It feels good to know she is missing you like crazy when you are not together or around her.

So here is a girl you have a crush on and you would like her to have a crush on you too.Many guys have a doubt if a girl she tries to impress has the same effect like his.Well I will tell you,hell No.

A girl mind is smart but,easy to manipulate.Remember she sees many guys daily and its upto you to be smart and rule her mind and Make a Girl Miss
You .So here are some working tips that will have your dream girl miss you.

If you observe the tips and tricks,you will be always in her mind,she will think about you,dream about you and end up missing you.


As a man you should always be held elsewhere.If you need to make a girl miss you then avoid replying almost instantly when she texts.Never be in any hurry to pick her calls.

This is not a form of punishment but creating some distance.Reply to her text 20 minutes later or call her like 30 minutes after you see her missed call.

Being always available for your lady wount make any room for her missing you.Make her understand you got other schedules in life to do.

This tip can be tricky in some way.If a girl insista she needs your company(especially at night) roll on with chatting with her.Otherwise she will think the other way.


Let her be nostaligic if you truly wish your girl to miss you.Being around her always wount make her think about you as much as in your absence. Absence will Make a Girl Miss You .

Allocate lets say three quater of your time.Let her miss you when you are not with her.She wount die if you are not with her 100% of your time.

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If your life is full of joy and fun,she will miss you.

Go to parties,hold a bash and all light moments in life.She will yawn to be with you.Uploading your good times online will make her to always be with you.

Lef her be aware apart from her;your life is enjoyable too.


When you hangout with her make sure she is at her best moods.Make her feel like the only girl in the world.

Ladies like outgoing guys.Never get her bored.This will make her miss you when you arent with her.

Remember that you have to limit the time with her.In that the time you are now going to spend make her feel like a real queen. Compliment her everyday, enjoy the every moment and fill her life with happiness.

Let her treasure the time you are the two of you.Express to her how you missed her while you were away.This are the simple things that will make a lady will miss you like crazy.


If you want a girl to miss you then be a leader in helping her make the best decisions in her life.

I once said confidence plays a mojor role on how to treat a lady.
Ladies do tend to feel comfortable around a guy who makes bold decisions.If a lady makes you to choose her preferences,then she will miss your decisions when you are not around.

This point will work especially when you visit places.Always lead to the best destination as a man.


Many men who I term as unromantic,avoid this trick.If you are falling under that unromatic men category,here is your dosage tip.

If you want to rule the way a girl thinks about you,present to her small gifts.Relationship experts recommend you give her a gift that she will always see eg a teddy bear or a simple framed picture of you two.

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She will make the gift presented to her to be where she see’s it now and then.Then whenever sge looks at the gift,definately she will think about you and obviously she will miss you.


You might not have the whole day to text her or call her.But let me show you how you will get her to miss you.Make sure you are the last person to talk to her.How?

A sexy message to her can work wonders.Even a late night call before she sleeps will help you.You must be somehow sure at what time she is about to rest.

High chances after you text or call her as the last person is that she will think and dream of what you said.A sweet late night text will make a girl think about you.The human brain will generate a dream based on what she will think last of.And you being the last person to talk to,high percentage is she will dream about you.Including this trick in your game will make a girl miss you and want to be with you.


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I have complied the best simple tricks in this article on how to make a girl miss you.The tricks will see her think about you more when you are away.Follow this working tips and do share your thoughts on the same.