How to Make Your Ex Miss You

How to Make Your Ex Miss You

So you broke up with him or her and wondering the best criteria to make your ex miss you.Maybe the latter is having the same feelings like you.This especially happens when you don’t want to let go.I outline the crazy tips on how to make an ex miss you.

No matter the cause that led to your relationship to end,today I share the best tricks to make your ex miss you minus talking to him or her.

#RoyalRomance started out of my passion to solve and unite many of my friends and other couples that had differences and ended up separating.The first part of winning your ex heart again is by making them miss you. The more your ex thinks about you,
more are the chances of being with him/ her again.

I can assure you that if you will follow the detailed tips,there is high chance to make your ex miss you and he/she will be back to you.


They say if you keep distance and let time pass is the best criteria to make your ex think about you.Expert advice a Contact Ban with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfried in between 3-6 weeks.

If you want your ex miss you,then stop making any contacts for a minimum of a month or so.You Contancting them after the separation sends a bad signal,that you are missing him/her desperately.

If indeed you want to learn hoe to make youe ex miss you then observe the Contact Ban rule.Contanct Rule lasts a month long.Remember this period too you are going to miss your ex too but,just a tip of advice,control your feelings.Act as if there is no any harm after your break-up and life continues.Act like you are happy and after 14 days your ex will be crazly missing you.

If you want to get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back,use this tip.

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This is actually what experts say when I mean use contact ban tip.No texts no call.Its simple as that.

Never call him or her the first few weeks and if he or she calls,IGNORE.If you want your ex to miss you,just be unavailable to him/her.Using Contact Ban in your strategy to get him/her back,he/she will no you arent easy to slide back.This will warn him/her that if you give him a second chance,he/she will not break the relationship.She/he will think twice before going away again.

Simple rule,be out of reach.


In the past,social media is what really failed me.At a personal level,I was unable to get my ex back because of what I was posting online.Social media plays alot in our relationships today.

After separation with someone you hand an intimacy bond or rather a well chemistry if two people,you tend to get into an emotional and mental stress.I learnt that you should avoid at all costs to share what you are going on twitter,instagram,facebook and other social media networks.No matter how you treated her like a queen keep the pain in you.


So you have not posted any sad post on how your relationship went south? Good.They say a problem shared is half solved.

Never tell your friends on how you miss him/her.There is a high possibilty that they will sneak the secret to him/her about your feelings towards them.

Share your secret with few trustworth friends that you miss him/her.


On an earlier point I outlined that you should not post sad stuff on your social media network.Post on how life is good on your side no matter what happened between you two.Let your social media learn and see your happy mood.

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Take those pictures with friends and upload them.Let no one detect any foul in you.Be happy the way you were before the breakup with your ex.

But remember few things that
you should not post.Post all stuffs how happy you are but never intergrate your relationship status in.Posts Like “Single and still happy again”, “Breakups and slaying ” and more.

Just share the present fun with
friends that has nothing to relate with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.


Some silly people act awkwardly after a break ups.Why should one get drunk and act mad because of being left.Its life my dear.Life gives us lemon and its upto you to make it lemonade.Also cant miss to mention that life gives us honey too.

Go get there shopping,Attend parties,movies and matches.Grab new shoes or any tee or pants whichever.Be sober.

Divert attention to others.Give other crush a chance to express their feelings too.Dont go beyond coffee dates.

Post what goes through your life in happy days without him/her.This is a killer tip to make your ex miss you and might trigger him/her long to be with you.


Now here is when you have to make up your mind.Do you need him/her back? If you loved him/her,definately YES!

So you will need to contact your ex.Remember this is after a contact ban that lasted a month and you are now missing him/her the same case applies to you.

Start a simple conversation and try to recall the memories you shared.Then the breakup will be behind you the moment to plan for a meet up.


I hope you found the tips on how to make your ex miss you.Drop us a comment on your opinion.

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