How To Run A Health Blog And Make $200 Monthly

You may wonder why I choose to share with you this article on How To Run A Health Blog And Make  $200 Monthly.! Yes I agree that this figure is less indeed but basing with my facts,you will see full potential that the blog can make and have a second thought to  launch your own blog.

A couple of days have passed since ( about 14 months ago )  I launched a health related niche blog for my  client .Having a background  in health,she asked me to create a health blog for her. She had passion of writing and could share her ideas in her blog whenever she wanted to.I always say if you want to launch a blog,go for  most profitable blogs since you will make good cash from it.It was such a  coincidence that she settled to a health blog that happens to be a profitable niche too.

You can as well  run a blog in a different niche without depending on your area of profession or skills aquired.Blogging should be out of passion though many do it for money.

So how did she manage to make more than $200 monthly with her health blog?

Her blog covers a number of topics which include;Health,Fitness & Exercises,Diets,Home Remedies,Sexual Wellness and Yoga.So if you are short of topics to expand in your health blog,those are the topics   my client blogs on.

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Here you need to reread again.My clients runs a health blog and makes $200 monthly by just posting 2 articles monthly.Yes it sounds unbelievable but that is the fact.She publishes 2 articles per month because of her tight schedule at work.So far she has more than 50 articles and counting.Each and every article she writes has around 2000 words So  lenght of an article does matter.Remember to write hight quality articles that are well researched and Search Engine Optimized.

For you to make $200 monthly or more,you need to publish even more articles ; that is if you have that time to do so.This will double up your traffic and also maybe tripple you income if not double up the figure.

Her traffic is purely organic.She had not time to do any kind of marketing.You can practise social media advertisment to bring more engagement in your site.Have a facebook page,a twitter account,instagram handle and a youtube channel.This will bring you more indirect traffic and adding it with already organic traffic,you will make more money.

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My client never had time to write any eBook.You can increase your blog earnings by writing a number of eBooks and sell to your audience.This will fetch you more money.Write a book once in every 3 months and sell it.

Money from paid posts.
Make contact to brands that are related to health niche for paid posts.You can as well charge any figure you wish.I advice not to settle on something less than $200 per post.

Finally try to ventured into Affiliate Marketing.Go for the many  available affliates and choose one that suits you and you health niche well.My client used adsense as the sole way of creating money online and managed to make $200 monthly,why not you?

Try and see other adsense alternatives and you will not only make $200 monthly but,you will make more than this figure.

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