How to Show a Girl You Care About Her


Am glad at last you had time to visit this page.Its a sure bet that you truly love and care for your girlfriend.Now I will reveal to you the formula to show her you care.Getting into a relationship is a good thing but most guys find it hard to maintain the relationship.

I got few working tips that will be of great help if you follow them.The results are evident.Your girlfriend will be having you around her.


In every relationship,communication is a key factor.Being a great speaker doesn’t guarantee you that you got an effective communication in your  relationship.

Making your girlfriend feel the love affectionate and special,your communication skills need to go an extra mile.

For an effective communication that will make your girlfriend feel loved,here are 4 daily dosage tips;

    »»» Listen

Give your girlfriend the attention she deserves.Listen to her with full interest.Listening to her makes her feel that she is loved and that you care for her.

    »»» Ask

Girls love being asked questions.The normal questions about her life.Let her know that you are concerned on whats happening in her life.

    »»» Text

During the day text her a cute lovely text.When you find a romantic post or picture that can relate with your relationship,share it with her.

This will make her understand that atleast you are thinking about her.

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It makes your girlfriend feel special.In the long run,its a special package to start a conversation with her.

    »»» Call

Calling your girlfriend is an important thing .Each girl needs her man to make the first call.

Calls are more personal than sending texts.No need to make long calls,just a minute call will work wonders between you and your girlfriend.

In summary share your feelings and emotions to her.They say actions speaks louder than words,apply that.Remember,”an honest
communication is everything for your woman.”


Affection is the surest way to show love for your girl.

Here are few tips that you need to work on.

    »»» Create Time With Her

Nobody is ever busy that he cant create time for her lover.

Offer her a lunch date,even if she is not near.Let her not learn that you just there for granted.Let her be with you.Any slight moment with her is much appreciated.

Whenever you are with her

Find time for your girlfriend, even if you are busy. Offer her to have a lunch together and even if you cannot see her because you’re
swarmed with work make a quick call to tell her that you care. Do not ever let her think that you have forgotten about her.
When on a date with your girlfriend find a moment to cuddle up to her, give her a quick
kiss or brush her hair.

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Be a gentleman; do not hesitate to offer your help even if you think she will handle by
herself. Take care of your woman; offer to help her with the chores, broken car etc.

Compliment your girl. But remember that your admiration and your compliments should be genuine. She needs to actually feel beautiful. If you cannot come up with a good compliment, check out the online articles about it. You will find plenty of ideas.


The last but not the least you need to let your girlfriend become a part of your life. It is
important for her to get introduced to your friends and family. Also take time to get to
know her family and friends, be nice and polite to everyone in order to make a good impression on her surroundings.

Remember that to let a girl know you’re interested you need to be true to your word and always stick to your promises. You need
to always be honest with her, even if you have to cancel a date or go back on a promise make a call and honestly explain the
reasoning to her.