#9 Romantic Ways To Treat Your Lady Like A Queen

Kenyan men are romantic.I dont know how ladies will go by my statement.However,men if you need that chic of yours to be with you and you alone,gauge your game.

Maybe you miss a thing or two to make that relationship have a higher emotional link.You wanna treat her like a queen,then do this:

* Respect your lady.Give her that space to choose what she likes.You are there to guide her.Correct her where she goes wrong .Remember she has equal share in your relationship.She is not your kid so let her do somethings herself.We call it girl freedom.

* Your girl is your baby.Babies like being given toys frequently.The same case implies to queens.Give your queen gifts.This will enhance that bond in your relationship to be strong enough and hold the two of you.

* Let her air her voice.Involve her in some decision making process.She will feel considered.You cant just buy maybe a family car,house or blah blah minus even asking her view on it.Sometimes its not everything you seek her view .But sometimes you need to get her views .

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* Praise her.You wount treat a lady nicely minus praising her.Let her see you value her efforts no matter how small they may look.She is not your servant but partner! If you missed ladies part,This is how ladies treat their men.

* Globe her with your love.Let her feel the affectionate in you.Treat her nicely in a romantic manner.mwanamke hapigwi kwa ngumi ila kwa upande wa kanga!!

* Tell her stories.Women love listening to your stories no matter their nature.Major on humourous stories.This will make her face glow.

* Cook for her.This sounds like a myth to Africans buf the whites do it.If you cook for your lady does it lower your dignity as a man? Well,No.If you cant,be there one or twice while she is preparing the meals.You can assist her maybe in chopping meat.

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* There is a narrative that circulate and I dont love it.Women tend to say the best people to share secrets with are their men.Why,mostly they dont pay attention to what they are being told.So if you want her to love you more.Pay attention to what she says.

* I will consider any man who cant fix a bulb as a lady also.So what your essential if you wount help your lady to fix and fit small appliances in her house?

I hope you get this article helpful,help in sharing the information.Sharing is caring.

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