Most Humble Musicians In Kenya

When we talk about East Africa entertainment,you cant miss Kenya Music Industry  in the list.Kenyan music rocks the whole of East Africa and the rest parts of the world.

In Kenya,music and general entertainment industry is very competitive.Our staff have done a list of some of the humblest musicians in Kenya.

1. Bahati

Best male artist of the year.Bahati was raised up in a childrens home.This might have been the period that shaped his life.

Bahati is a humble artist.Very approachable and understanding.He started his own station,EMB Records.This is an initiative to support new talents especially from the sreeets and slums.


The “Machozi” hitmaker currently trending with “Unikumbushe” which he has featuret Rayvanny of WCB,runs his own foundation,Bahati Foundation.

Bahati has a bright future ahead.He set a record for being the first African gospel artist to be in Coke Studio.

2. Khaligraph Jones.

A guy who did more than 1000 singles before storming into the limelight.

Papa jones is famed Julius Yego the punchlines killer is also humble.He does music out if passion and has no word to those who critic his accent.

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Khaligraph Jones is determined to take hip hop music to the next level.You better listen to his Ojuelegba Refix or his Micasa Sucasa tune that he teamed up with his sexy lass Cashy.

He has recently opened his own recording  label.

3. Wyre.

Kevin Wyre that kenyan pioneer of Kenya Reggea Dancehall Music.This dude is great,he has done alot in marketting Kenyan Music.


This dude is very humble.Has done much local and international collabos.He can help any raising artist only that he is too busy with his own schedules.

He is the CEO of Love Child Records.

4. Avril.

Avril has  got  something more than her beauty.She is an amazing vocalist.Was it not her being humble,she could not stand the competition in this male dominated industry.

Many femcee have erupted lately and vanished with the same eruption speed.However,some are trying but luck the humility virtue to propell them further.

6. King Kaka

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The kiswahili Shakespear.King Kaka is really humble very humble indeed.

As an artist,hardwork is a good input but also humility is acknowledged.
King Kaka once said he launched his album in a club to strangers.Yes he was paid,80,000.


Today king kaka is a house hold name and also a +254 music activist.

Being humble will take an artist to the next level in his/her career.King kaka had a whole album in store and nobody knew it apart from  a few fans.Lately he has landed mega deals including BYOB.

King kaka owns Kaka Empire,an artist management company.The company manages likes of Avril,Timmy Tdat and Comedian Owago Nyiro.

7. Gloria Muliro


8. Jaguar


9. Pitson


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