Huyu Hana Huruma!! Young Lady Exposes A Guy Who Wanted To Sex Chat Her

Lady who exposed a guy who wanted to sex chat her

  Nek Key Billz (pictured above) has exposed  Prince Karo
who she says is not up to her type/age, and
then tagged him as a miserable idiot.

The “beggar” according to his profile says he is a Scout leader at The Scout Association of Nigeria, and he lives in Asaba.
Nek, who is the beggee, reiterated that Prince isn’t her type, and he should find his square root.

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She wrote as the caption of the screenshot:
“This is exactly what I don’t like, so even if I
want to have sex chat, it will be with this god
forsaken, underaged miserable idiot….I have

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Have a close look.